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Thursday, 12 July 2018 London, UK

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Hey guys! I can't believe I haven't posted on here since I launched my brand By Zeena, it's honestly been such a busy month... I hope you're all well?! 

So I've been meaning to write up this post for a while now and I'm so happy It's finally out. I wanted to talk to you about what I personally think about blogging niche's.
You've probably had several talks with people in regards to niche's and how good it is to "find your own niche" right? If yes, keep reading...

I remember when I first started blogging on Zeena Xena and got the opportunity to go to several events, I'd always end up in conversations with PR's/other bloggers who would continuously mention how important a Niche is when blogging.

From these conversations, I figured that it was best to focus on a specific area when it came to my blog, so tried to stay in the beauty sector as much as possible and focus on Natural Hair. At the time, there was a tight community with only a few in the UK blogging about Natural Hair so I thought I was personally onto something haha. It was always said that by having a niche, you set yourself apart from the rest and eliminate too much competition... Does that still stand today?

Fast forward to today as we know blogs, youtube, instagram just social media in general has become a very saturated place. Whether you use your influence as a means of business or just for fun, there are a lot of people out there doing the same thing.
So does it matter if you don't have a niche? Well no, not in my opinion anyway, as my blog post reads You Are Your Niche! 

I think the whole niche thing is played out, I mean look at how limited you'd be just blogging about one specific thing. A bit boring no? 
After initially starting as a natural hair blog, I decided to branch out into the world of beauty, fashion and travel, then some months/years later I incorporated restaurant reviews and events into the mix. A very broad blog I know, but what I felt set me apart from the rest was just being me and still does. From an audiences perspective, these people aka you guys, knew you could come on my blog to read many different things/experiences. I wasn't just focusing on the one thing, so if you got bored of one subject; you knew you could easily go onto another.

For me having your own blogging niche means being unapologetically yourself, writing about things YOU enjoy/believe in whether it be fashion one day and football the next, understanding that you are you and nobody can be or beat you at that. We're all so pressured to "be different" and "have a niche" when we don't need to be, we are these things without even trying.

Your audience view your content because they believe in you, brands get in touch with you because they recognise your work and what you do for the blogging community. You are great, you are amazing You Are Your Niche! 

I wanted to keep this post short and cute because I do tend to talk a lot in my posts haha. However, before I go I just wanted to give a massive shout out to these brands for allowing creatives to just be themselves online even more and never trying to change us:

* Tropic Skincare - I've worked with this brand for over a year now and I can say one of the best and nicest people to deal with. They recognise the importance of bloggers in marketing strategies and most importantly different kinds of bloggers.

* Boohoo & Nasty Gal - For always providing bomb ass fashions for all types of people + including black women in campaigns (Nasty Gal especially). It's a shame we actually have to thank brands for this (that's another blog post) but if you're a brand reading this and currently don't use black males/females in your campaigns, please do better.

* Glamorous Fashion - I've worked with this brand a few times and it's so humbling as I used to buy their clothes on ASOS religiously haha. Thank you Glamorous for just being different and as I mentioned before, allowing us bloggers to just be ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed the post today guys!

Lots of love x


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