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Sunday, 10 June 2018 London, UK

Ahhh the day is finally here... I can't actually believe I'm writing this post because I never thought everything would come together so quickly. It's been a crazy few months so I just wanted to share my journey with you guys... I'll try and keep this post as short as possible, I know some of you may have some shopping to do. ;)

The Good Stuff 
First of all. Let me start by saying that I've always known that I wanted to have some e commerce business of my own. Back when I first started my blog, I actually used to buy, customise and sell vintage denim/make kawaii jewellery so since then I've just always been fascinated by the online shopping world. Some 7 years later, here I am starting another accessories brand that offers on trend quality pieces at affordable prices. 

I was actually inspired to start this exact brand by you guys. As you may know, my instagram is FULL of images of me in sunglasses and gold hoops lol, it's my staple style. I'd often receive comments from friends and followers telling me I should start a sunglasses brand... This went on for about a year or so before I thought well maybe this could be a thing. 

The Bad 
Although I was so inspired by everyone's comments, I never jumped at the chance at starting an e commerce business. I had so much going on with freelancing, Blogging Gals and my personal blog stuff so thought I really couldn't take on another project. I was content with my work and really didn't want to add anything else into the mix despite foreseeing so much potential in whatever I wanted to start. Here's a bit I missed out. I was planning on starting a stationery line via Blogging Gals... I'd done days worth of research, found a great printer but she let me down. She stopped answering emails, was requesting silly things and was basically unprofessional overall. Of course I had a plan B/C but when I really looked at the situation, the quality of work wasn't the same and the return on investment was pointless. I carried on searching for suppliers but everything was so hefty on the pocket - something I really couldn't afford to do. I was sad, I gave up on that dream and just carried on with my day to day life. 

The Ugly 
Fast forward to March. A series of unforeseen circumstances took place that affected my mental health, physical health and bank account. I'm a person that hides their emotions really well, and have been doing so for years. I always put other people's emotions before mine and try not to overwhelm people with my problems. After years of doing so, I can finally say it has started to take a toll me. A mix of different things has had me down, from missing my nan and it just being her 1 year passing anniversary, to people hurting me and even me hurting others. I started to get really down about things and disconnected from people I really admire (if you're reading this I'm sorry). It affected my work, my brand launch and me as a person. Just last week I found it hard to leave the house. I was cancelling plans left right and centre, I mean I couldn't even comb my hair or wash the dishes... I was feeling really low. I even feel sad writing this, because I remember thinking why am I living? What's my purpose in life? Am I really making a difference? Despite all of this though, I was SO motivated to start something that would give me even more focus. I believe By Zeena has saved me from going into a deep dark depression. 

How I'm Feeling Now...
Well that was hard to get out *wipes tears*. I can honestly say I'm in a much better place now and by God's grace I came out of that dark hole. I know sometimes we have to fall really hard before we can get back up but seriously, that was a hard fall. I started taking baby steps by getting back into my routine. Waking up at 8am, making a to-do list and ticking things off throughout the day. I'm a kind of person where if I can't see or feel that I'm being productive, I'll feel really crap about myself. I like to keep busy and reward myself with days off to relax. My advice if you ever feel the same, get into a routine and make daily/weekly to-do lists, personally they lift my spirits up so much. 

So, I'm sat here writing this post now with a big smile on my face. I shot these campaign photos just two days ago on a whim - Got my friend (who has no idea how to use my camera properly) to shoot these photos and she done an AMAZING job (ILY Rickala). My mum will be helping me with orders and yeah this will be a part of my life from now on. By Zeena is OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED - 5 days before I hit the 26 mark! 

I hope you guys LOVE what I have to offer and I assure you, bigger and better is yet to come. I wanted to keep the collection small for now and also wanted to keep the products on my actual blog instead of a separate website. I know it may not be the easiest to navigate, so if you have any problems shopping please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks to those of you even reading this post I really appreciate it. 

If you've been feeling down lately please take a look at this link here provided by the NHS UK.

Before I go I just want to thank the following people: Mum, Rickala, Sharika, Amir, Anika, Monica, Hanna Zahra and Mel.

Lots of love x

My Summer Fashion Favourites - Zeena Xena

Wednesday, 6 June 2018 London, UK

Dress by Glamorous - here

Summer is one of my favourite seasons so to celebrate this beautiful time of year, I've decided to do a "Summer Fashion Favourites" post. In this edit, I've included everything from cute day time dresses to bottoms and sandals. You'll find my favourite go to brands such as PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, Asos, New Look, Topshop and more.

To navigate, simply click on the right > left arrows to see all the pieces I've included...




Shoes & Bags

New Favourites Updated Weekly:



Bottoms & Accessories

Some good choices right? Here are my top 5 picks & why I've chosen them:

1) Red Floral Dress by PrettyLittleThing - I think this is such a cute daytime piece for lunch/holidays and is such a steal. I love the fact that this is a quick thing to wear no looking for a top to much the bottoms and vice versa. Shop here.

2) Two piece by Glamorous via ASOS... If you didn't know already I am obsessed with Glamorous at the minute. I've picked up a few cute pieces over the past few weeks and can't get enough of them. I love this two piece because it a) it looks like a dress and b) you can really dress this up or down, it's entirely up to you! Shop the top here and the skirt here.

3) These yellow sandals are so on trend right now. They also come in black and Topshop are doing 20% off shoes until midnight on Thursday 7th June. Shop yellow here OR Shop the black pair here.

4) Another yellow number. This pretty dress is from Boohoo and gives me all the senorita feels. Shop this colour and more here.

5) Last is this cute t-shirt from Forever 21. I love the vintage feel to it and the simplicity... You could literally pair with anything and it'd always look good. Grab it here.

So that's it, my cute Summer selections. You'll probably see me styling a couple of these pieces over on instagram so make sure you're following me. 
Until next time xoxo.

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