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Tuesday, 8 May 2018 London, UK

I'm pretty sure you guys have seen my instagram page by now, full of pictures at cute little cafe's that I've found in London. I've been obsessed with pretty cafe's for a number of years now and love finding more independent spots to catch up with friends, have meetings in and produce content at. I wanted to do a post on my favourite pink cafe's because I've not really seen a post like this + makes a good post for those of you wanting to visit these kind of places.

I think Grind has to be one of my FAVOURITE cafe's in London. I've been to three different branches and love how they're all different from one another. I also love how the menu's are slightly different in each place too. You'll want to head to Clerkenwell Branch for the famous pink seat and plants. See my picture here.

I recommend: Everything here, the food is really good! I love their juices, the crispy squid and sweet potato fries.

View Grind's instagram here

Farm Girl Cafe 
This is such a cute cafe and I can only imagine how busy it'll get in the Summer. The outside seating arrangement is perfect for those of you who are after a bit of pink for pics or whatever. The menu is good too, this isn't a place that is limited to avocado on toast.

I do however recommend the: avocado on toast (lol), probably the best kind I've eaten at a cafe in London (I visited the branch on Carnaby Street and ordered this twice).

View Farm Girl Cafe's instagram here

Elan Cafe 
Okay so who hasn't been here yet? I went to the Knightsbridge branch a few days after opening and was wowed. The decor is amazing, so much thought has gone into Elan... Well done to the owner Alex!

I recommend: A good hot chocolate/coffee cake... This combo is soooo dreamy.

View Elan Cafe's instagram here

Palm Vaults 
I discovered this little cafe sometime last year just before Summer. I actually went alone and had a smoothie with some cake I believe. This cafe is just everything goals. As you enter you're greeted by the cutest shop sign and palm tree (you've got to grab a pic outside). As you step in it's like you're in some enchanted wonderland abroad full of plants on pink. My kind of place.

I recommend their cake. You get such a big juicy slice for the price. I believe I had a blueberry cake (could have been raspberry), and it was honestly one of the best cakes I've EVER had.

View Palm Vaults' instagram here

Am I missing any lovely pink cafes in London? If so, comment below and I'll add it to my "to visit" list.

Speak soon,

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