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Thursday, 12 April 2018 London, UK

Wooo. I'm on a roll with my blog at the minute right? I'm really trying to focus on creating the best content and taking my blog further as a business this year so I'll be putting so much effort into it from now on.

This is one of my MOST requested posts in history and it's been something I've been saying I'm going to write for the longest time, so here it finally is guys hehe! I'll be doing different versions of my skincare routine as it's all different, but today I'll be focusing on my daily skincare routine.

Morning Routine

Dove Soap
I use this soap like my life depends on it. As soon as I wake up I have to wash my face with Dove, then I'll do so again in the shower. Some may say it's too harsh on the skin but Dove do have other versions of their soap which may be kinder to the skin. I honestly don't feel clean without my dove soap haha.

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Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser 
This is like my go to cleanser for literally everything. I use it just as I've come out of the shower, to take my makeup off, I sleep in it sometimes (using it like a masque because it's so moisturising) and even use it as part of my facial routines. It's infused with green tea, golden jojoba, and eucalyptus leaf oils so keeps skin feeling fresh and nourished. If you didn't know already, Tropic Skincare is by far my favourite skincare brand... With this brand, you know you're putting nothing but goodness onto your skin.

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Tropic Skincare Vitamin Toner Mist
Again another Tropic Skincare product that I absolutely adore is the Vitamin Toner Mist. This really helped my skin throughout winter and even on days that I wasn't feeling particularly well. Infused with aloe vera juice, vitamin c and cranberry extract, this is the kind of product you need on dull skin days to keep you feeling refreshed! I also love taking the mini version (You can find it in the travel kit here) on holiday with me to hot countries to again keep me feeling refreshed and facially energised lol!

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Rose Water
You will NOT catch me leaving the house without having toned my face with Rose Water. Honestly it's the most soothing, healing and refreshing infused water you could possibly use on your face. I buy my Rose Water from Tesco which is about £1.50 - please ladies and gents, add this to your skincare routine!

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Glam Glow Pout Mud
As I get older my lips get hella dry so I need a product that can help scrub away the extra skin, The Glam Glow Pout Mud does just that. This is a fizzy lip exfoliating treatment which activates with water. You simply take a small amount, add some water then apply to lips and scrub. You'll see how fresh your lips look and leaves you smelling minty fresh.

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Jurlique Moisturising Replenishing Day Cream
I've never come across such a heavy duty cream in my life. This cream will leave you with deeply moisturised skin, helps restore suppleness and helps to protect against the environment. This cream is so good my mum often steals it... I'm sure you can tell by the amount of times it has been squeezed haha.

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Tropic Skincare Good Skin Day Serum
So after I've done all the above, in the day I like to use my Good Day Resurfacing Serum by Tropic Skincare. This serum helps skin appear brighter and leaves you looking and feeling more youthful thanks to all the good ingredients (Lime pearl, papaya, hyaluronic acid etc). I love taking my mini version away with me... I'm packing it as we speak!

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Evening Routine

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil
So after a really long day and heaps of makeup, this is the one product that really helps to dissolve all my makeup away... Even makeup that's difficult to remove such as mascara and red lipstick. Unlike my other cleansers, this is a cleansing oil so leaves skin feeling even more smooth and helps to prepare the skin for the midnight recovery process. Just want to note, I don't use this when I've had a breakout just because oil for me makes getting over a breakout much harder.

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Decleor Aurabsolu Cream
Now this cream is one of those products that I like to bring out on special occasions. I probably only use this every two weeks to a month because it is more on the luxury end of my product range haha.

When giving myself facials, I prefer using this cream as it's lightweight but very moisturising. This is a day cream but I also love using it at night, I really recommend this product it's helped brighten the appearance of my skin over a number of years.

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So there we have it beauties, my day & night skincare routine which I'm so happy I've finally got out on the blog. Let me know if you've tried or plan to try any of the products listed above.

Until next time...

What To Expect When In Marrakesh - Zeena Xena

Monday, 9 April 2018 London, UK

Okay guys, so I've kinda neglected my blog since my last Marrakesh posts I know. Don't get me wrong I love writing on my blog but sometimes I get so lazy and almost see it as a chore, but I shouldn't because I love sharing and feeling like I'm talking to you guys personally. I guess with the way social media is moving, it can often feel like people don't really care about reading blog anymore. You guys want fast to the point content on other outlets such as Instagram which I get, however I really don't want the blogging industry or my blog to die down... I've got to keep this blog alive! 

So, this will be the last post in my Marrakesh travel series. Today I'll be discussing "What To Expect When Visiting Marrakesh". Often on social media you'll see the highlights, the colourful buildings/souks, amazing riads but do you really know what it's like to visit Marrakesh? I'll be shedding light on the good, the bad, the ugly - but remember people, not everyone's experience is the same.

Palm Trees Are Everywhere 
If you love Palm Trees you'll love Marrakesh, think of it as the Moroccan LA (just super cultured haha). If you're after Palm Trees and sun, Marrakesh is the place for you!

Riad/Hotel Staff Are So Lovely 
Each time I stay at a new Riad I don't want to leave the place. The relationships you form with the riad owners/staff is just something so beautiful, it's almost as if you're a part of a family. This is one thing I love about Marrakesh, because of people like this you'll be itching to go back in no time, they make Marrakesh feel like home. Check out the Riads I stayed at here.

Taxi Drivers Will Rip You Off 
If you're not Moroccan taxi drivers will feel no shame in ripping you off. It's sad, but for them they believe as a tourist you have the money so there is no harm in charging you more. It really depends on how you look at it, these people like us have bills to pay, only they are on a much lower wage so can of course come off as greedy. Essentially, these taxi drivers are just trying to feed their families. Before you get into a taxi make sure you haggle a price, generally you shouldn't be paying more than 30DHS for a cab journey within Marrakesh. If you're travelling as a group some taxi drivers will charge you per person because they won't be able to pick anyone else up along the way so just bare this in mind.

There's So Much To See & Do
Being in Marrakesh doesn't leave you short of things to see and do. From desert tours, to botanical gardens, souks to exquisite restaurants, you'll be spoilt for choice in the city of colour! Where to eat here + my outfit diaries and where I went here

Men Will Cat Call
Ugh, the most ANNOYING thing about Marrakesh is that you'll forget the amount of times you've been cat called because it almost becomes a part of your holiday *rolls eyes*. Men here in Morocco get quite excited about tourists and anything that's not the "norm" to them. I've discussed how you should consider dressing when out and about in the streets of Marrakesh here

There's No Beach
Sadly there isn't, and if you happen to visit Marrakesh in the Summer you'll probably find yourself venturing out because it's just too hot. Essaouira would be your closest option, but I'd say it's best to do your research as there are some nicer beaches in Morocco.

Cats Are Everywhere
Honestly everywhere you turn, you'll probably find a cat. From riads, to cafe's to cats just roaming the streets... They're everywhere. Sadly, it's not very common or seen as "clean" to own a cat in a typical Moroccan home so this is one of the main reasons you'll see many on streets. Some locals/market stall owners do feed street cats however.

The Food Is Amazing
My gooooooooooooooodness Moroccan food makes me feel so proud to be Moroccan. Nothing you eat from this country is tasteless, the food is just on another level and instagrammable due to the colours and the way its served (especially the teas and cakes). Breakfasts at Riad's/hotels are fit for a king or queen... You won't be needing a buffet!

In this post, I've actually gone into where you should eat around Marrakesh... You won't be disappointed.

Shop Keepers Will Persuade You To Buy Their Shop
Ugh, honestly it's the most annoying thing about visiting shops/souks in Marrakesh but it's something you HAVE to deal with. Just like the taxi drivers, shop owners will often rip you off. I've gone into shops looking at rugs and have been quoted £100 for a small piece of God knows what, and start speaking in Arabic and all of a sudden the price has been dropped dramatically haha. This is just one of those things that is very common in Morocco/North Africa. If you really want an item, you've just got to be firm and haggle until you get to a point where you think the price is fair.

Locals Are Sweet
The people of Morocco are generally lovely. As mentioned previously, some men and even the young boys can be annoying/disrespectful towards  women/tourists but overall locals are lovely. Especially the ladies, if you're lost they'll be happy to direct you to places without asking for money or anything of the sort.

Staying in a Riad? I'd suggest looking around and buying things from the locals there so you can build good relationships with them. Because of your custom, these people are happy to again direct you to places if your lost, talk to their other friends to find the best prices for items and they'll even scare people that are bothering you away haha. It's nice to also help these people out with business, so I'll often buy fruit from the locals or snacks for when I get peckish in the evenings.

Marrakesh is a lovely little city and is somewhere I hope to move one day soon. My goal is to buy an apartment out in Marrakesh one day soon. I hope this post prepares you for your travels to Marrakesh or even encourages you to visit the lovely city. Any more questions? Feel free to drop a comment below.

Until next time...

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