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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 London, UK

"Having your priorities straight, focusing on you, your work, those that make you happy...Praying, doing good, thanking God... These are the things that are important in life. Don't get lost in social media's of living." - Zeena Xena 

I posted this quote on social media not too long ago and it seemed many of you could relate. I really wanted to write this post to highlight the negative impacts social media can have on us. I often speak about the positives however, think it's very important to be transparent with you guys and highlight the negatives too. Here we go...

Comparing Yourself To Others 
We've all been there before. You're scrolling through instagram, head to the explore page and see all these individuals with the most amazing feeds. You might start to ask yourself: How do they live such great lifestyles? His/Her body is perfect, why isn't mine? How comes they look good in every single photo and I don't?... Gurllll, you literally have to take a step back and sometimes reevaluate the thoughts you're having. First of all, the beauty of life is that we're all made to be our individual selves, we may hold the similar views and values but we're all different. Secondly, social media isn't always as it seems. You have to remember that for some people, outlets such as instagram are jobs. Just like in your day to day job that could be in an office for example, you'll want to strive for "perfection" in the tasks you are set to do to prove to your boss/company that you are worthy of your job. Well it's the same with us influencers we keep our audience entertained with things we like to post and things you guys want to see.

My friends are always messaging me asking 'If I'm in the country' since my feed always looks like I'm abroad haha. The truth is, I've probably been back from travelling weeks ago & you can find me somewhere in-between consulting my clients or cleaning cat poop from Zorro *rolls eyes* haha. My point is, yes some people do live these fantastic lifestyles and others show you what they want for branding reasons. Either way, we cannot compare ourselves to those who filter their lives and only show us the positives. Have you ever considered the amount of prepping that goes into some ig posts? I.e. the makeup, editing etc...“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” - Steve Furtick 

Lastly, each of our journeys are different and we all go through highs and lows. Find comfort in your own journey, work hard, pray and make changes where possible. 

Lack of Confidence & Not Being Yourself 
This point definitely ties in with the above and it's so sad to think that social media can have us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. There's been a few times where because of what I see others project (success, beauty, body confidence etc) it can sometimes have me feeling negative. At one point last year, I wanted to do what every single blogger was doing. The traditional "stand in front of a rich person's house/nicely painted front door/clean streets" photo because clearly, I thought it made great content & thought I was cool. Nothing wrong with these kind of photos of course, but I was just doing something I'd seen work for others so tried to grasp on the trend. Little did I know, people liked me for me. Colourful surroundings, matchy matchy outfits, my holidays/ventures, beauty posts you name it. The transition into more travel focused yet fashion/beauty influenced posts has really made me feel like me again. I don't feel like I'm trying to do what others are doing, just to land a few brand collabs or be accepted. Just by being me, I've built my confidence back up and have grown so much more as a influencer!

Being a Perfectionist 
Ugh I hate this one so much. I'm such a perfectionist to the point where I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a long time (I think I started writing this about a month ago). I definitely think social media has had a role to play in me striving for perfection. This can often lead to me stalling on content because I don't think it's good enough or I compare my work to others. There's nothing wrong with wanting to perfect your craft but when it sets you back a bit, you've definitely got to have that "talk" with yourself. When I have setbacks like this I often lose motivation and won't create posts for some time.

How do I overcome this feeling?

I remember the positives; My content helps people from across the country and beyond, I receive so many warming compliments about what I do from you guys, friends & family and lastly, reminding myself that nobody is perfect!

Don't forget to: Take short breaks away from social media regularly and just regulate. Sometimes we can get sucked into things that are glorified on the internet that aren't always positive. Remember that at times, especially when you're going through things, your my mind needs to feed off of positive energy and to feel relaxed - give it this time.

* Disclaimer, I haven't covered all points of social media's negative impacts and have mainly focused on content as this is what is relevant to me. 

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