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Friday, 31 March 2017 London, UK

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Right now I feel so happy with life. I'm on a roll with content, I've hit 10k followers on instagram (small milestones) and overall feel very confident. Woohoo.

I think doing these types of posts is so important as I know I have friends, people younger than me and you guys of course that read my blog. Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling down for days, months and even longer (I for one can sometimes get really down when I'm not happy with my image), so I wanted to share how I overcome these feelings through fashion in collaboration with New Look and to get you wearing your confidence this Spring! 🌷

Personal Style 
They say that confidence comes from within, however I believe that confidence is a combination of things. Confidence is not just about feeling good on the inside, but the outside too. Personal style is something that I've always loved experimenting with over the years. For me, no two days are the same. I could go from super 70's style to some kinda glam Kim K inspired outfit, or just a casual look. It's all about how I feel or how I want to feel on that day. Bright colours usually make me feel extremely happy, while more neutral/darker tones leave me feeling calm and collected throughout the day.

My interpretation of personal style is that it's all about YOU. Only you should be the judge of how you look and feel in the clothes you wear. My tips on finding your personal style, confidence and standing out is experimenting. Experiment with; trends, different styles, textures and colours. At the moment I'm OBSESSED with circle detailing, bell sleeves and my braids! (Since I braided my hair, my confidence went from about a 5 to a 10, honestly!). Let me not forget my reflective sunnies, I feel like BOSS in those and own over 30 pairs!

Taking Advantage of Good Weather 
As of lately, I've been really loving the sunny weather and how much of a confidence booster the sun alone can be. In terms of content I'll go outdoors and take a load of selfies as the sun hits me perfectly (ex; this instagram post here), or plan a shoot with a photographer/fellow blogger. I absolutely love creating content especially in the sun, I literally feel like an absolute goddess (especially with these braids hehe).

Seeing what I look like through photos allows me to generally accept myself as I am, which brings me on to my next point, accepting your flaws.

Accepting Your Flaws 
This point is so important because we all have flaws and probably dwell on them a bit too much at times. Am I right? Recently, I've started to video different angles of my face and may look in the mirror for some time just so I can really study my face. Doing this really helps me to accept my features and the parts that I generally dislike (yes there are parts the get me down sometimes too). I've also stopped using snapchat/their filters, as I found in the past I couldn't live without a filter and didn't feel pretty without one. Seriously guys, snapchat is a confidence killer... Let the sun be your natural filter!

Match Your Beauty To Your Outfits 
Drawing this post to a close, there's one thing I'd like for you guys to do. Now as I mentioned above, since I braided my hair, my confidence levels have soared. I know it sounds silly but changing your hair can really make you feel a certain way about yourself. Match new hairstyles, season changes and latest makeup techniques to your outfits for some extra confidence boost. Looking good on the outside, will definitely boost you up on the inside.

With my braids, I've started to wear red lipstick again, HUGE statement earrings and really bright colours that perhaps before I would only consider occasionally. Prior to "finding myself" again, I browsed instagram/pinterest for women that I could personally relate to and just studied the way they took selfies/put outfits together. I looked at these photos and thought "wow, these women look really confident... I want to feel exactly like that too". Now we're here. This is the most confident I've ever felt my entire life...

[Outfit details can be found above]

I'd love to know how you wear your confidence? What makes you feel like you're the hottest babe/dude in town? 
* This post is in collaboration with New Look


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