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Thursday, 2 March 2017 London, UK

What an amazing year it's been so far. I mean hell yeah we go through our struggles but boy am I grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. Last month you may have seen me feature in L'oreals #MatteAddiction campaign which for me personally, is one of the most amazing opportunities I've had thus far. Thanks to all of you that have supported me on my journey, really means the world to me. 

Dress by Jarlo London here

I've had a lot of questions of how I got the opportunity and all I can say to answer that is just by being myself and working hard on my personal brand. I was quite surprised that I got the opportunity to be fair, as I'm not as beauty orientated as the others. This is the direction I'd like to move in eventually however and have been saying for some time now, that I would like to start doing short instagram videos. Really hoping that I find the confidence to go through with this - I need your help guys haha!

In terms of other opportunities, I feel I've been really fortunate this year. Scrap that. I've worked my bloody ass off for years but have always made Blogging Gals more of a priority, as you can imagine it takes a lot to run that community. Mid-last year, I decided that well actually, I'm a beautiful person, I'm relatable and full of wisdom so why not focus on talking about experiences/offering tips to readers? This outlook has definitely helped me stand out from the rest I feel, and has made me more "appealing" to brands. There are so many opportunities out there for us all to grab. It's definitely about finding what feels most authentic/enjoyable to you and making it your empire! 

Dress by PrettyLittleThing here
Belt - Primark


During Feb you would have seen me travel to beautiful Marrakesh with some friends planned by yours truly. We stayed in to beautiful riads (on a collaboration basis) and had the most wonderful time. I have a few trips planned this year and can't wait to take you guys on the journey's with me!

I really feel like my life's complete when travelling and that's why I plan on doing so much of it this year. I also find that when travelling, I'm able to create the best content as the scenery is simply beautiful and the lighting is POPPPPPIN'.  You can tell by the photos in this post right?

Read about my trip to Morocco here

Top by Quiz London here
Skirt by Pretty Little Thing here 


Let me just tell you, the life of freelancer is SO hard. I mean I'm happy doing what I do but through my career choice, I never thought I'd have to face as many struggles as I have done in the past and even now. We all know that being a freelancer especially in the creative industries is difficult, particularly as there's so many talented creatives out there. It's crazy because if you have a child, you'd never expect to find a childminder on the internet for free or if you require a beauty service, you'd pay for it. So I feel I do have to battle with people understanding my worth. With us creatives our work sometimes isn't recognised as of high importance so yes it can be difficult to find clients and keep them rolling for a long time. I really do commend those in the creative fields who are not only getting by but excelling or striving to. 

Fortunately for me, I've learnt how to be a bit more proactive these days not limiting myself to one thing. I have my blog, Blogging Gals, clients, hope to freelance in skincare treatments and blogger consultations soon which is really exciting. 

Swimsuit by Rare London
Sunglasses by LAMODA here

Dress by Quiz London here

Really, this was just a life update post. I didn't just want to show you photos of my holiday with no purpose but wanted to shed some light briefly on where I am at now in life. Again, a big thanks to those of you that support me. 


Do you love reading my blog and other blogs? Want to start your own? Or are you stuck at the minute and need some advice? Get in touch with me zeenaxenablog@gmail.com I'm offering one to one skype sessions at a reasonable rate. 

To brands, I also offer blogging consultation services in London to include; blogging as a company, involving bloggers in your marketing campaigns, social media strategies and much more. You can also reach me on the email above. 


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