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Wednesday, 8 February 2017 London, UK

Shumailas Beauty Salon Review...

It's been ages since I done a review hasn't it? As I sit here typing this, I realise how much I actually enjoy reviewing places so let me know if this is something you'd like to see more of this on the blog!

Recently, I was invited down to Shumailas Beauty Salon in London to have some treatments done in time for Valentine's Day. To be fair, it couldn't have come at a better time because a) I've been really stressed & b) I was due to fly out of the country 2 days later (Spending Valentine's in Morocco woohoo). I've been so swept off my feet with really long days out and even longer nights up completing work and other tasks, so again this couldn't have come at a better time!  

Let's talk about first impressions. So when I walked into Shumailas Beauty, I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and the ambience. The cloudy blue and white touches made the salon feel really light, fresh and almost heavenly-like while the music did the same. The salon have relaxing meditation type music playing in the background making you want to drift away. 

Staff at the salon are beyond welcoming. As soon as I arrived I was offered a variety of beverages and the option to hang up my coat. I was assigned to Jaz (who by the way is the most lovely person I have ever met - if you visit ask for her), one of the beauticians in the salon, who spoke me through the treatments I would be getting done. Jaz made me feel comfortable throughout my treatments and made me feel like a friend - N'aww!

Cuticle work & cleaning of the nails 

Whenever I go on holiday, I always get white shellac done opposed to just polish or false nails. I find this lasts longer and causes less damage, also if you're trying to travel light and not take any polishes etc then shellac is a good idea. What I like about this salon, is that they do not cut any corners when doing their work. Included in the price you pay to get your nails done, staff at Shumailas Beauty will do your cuticle work at no extra cost. Now, if like me you've been to salons in central London, you'd know they usually charge extra for this.

Instantly my nails look longer after the cuticle work had been done and feel much stronger!

Finished result using CND gel polish

My next treatment was a full set of lashes where I had a mini consultation before-hand. I was asked things such as; Have I had a full set of lashes before? Have I had any allergic reactions because of the glue used in the past? and what lengths I wanted to go for to achieve the desired look. 

Once we got the consultation out of the way, I was taken into a private beauty room where I had the chance to lay down on one of the massage tables and was even covered with a fleecy blanket. Heaven! I didn't feel any discomfort whilst getting my lashes done, however my eyes did water a bit at the beginning. I have very sensitive eyes, but they get used to someone else being around them within a few minutes. 

I opted for short and medium lengths, and this was the result... 

I love how wispy my lashes look - p.s. don't mind my no makeup face haha! 

Finally, the last treatment I opted for was a bikini wax. Mind you this wasn't part of the package but I wanted to try one as I was heading away of course. I say try because this was my first wax ever! I've never been comfortable with getting one done before, however Jaz made me feel so relaxed that I thought why not? Being my first time, it was a little painful however Jaz would stop and hold for a few seconds making the wax as painless as possible. 

I really enjoyed my two hours here, staff at Shumailas Beauty are so friendly and accommodating so would highly recommend this place for your beauty treatments - especially with Valentine's day coming up! 

Prices are so affordable with brow threading costing £3, waxing starting at £2 and the cluster lashes pictured above only £20. This salon is literally a one stop shop with so many other services available, check them out here!

There are also 5 other branches in total to visit... 

How do you get #ValentinesReady or #HolidayReady comment in the section below! 

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