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Friday, 27 January 2017 London, UK

How To Do Fitness Fashion on A Budget ft New Look...

Blogger Zeena Xena Shares Her Best Practices For Keeping Active On a Budget

Now, if you follow me on twitter, you'd know that I recently done a poll on the kind of content you guys would like to see on my blog. It was between; more beauty, lifestyle, or my tips focused posts. Naturally, you guys went with the tips focused posts which makes me happy as this is my favourite kind of content to write. Regardless of the answer, I'll always aim to bring a fresh take to this blog so will not focus on one thing i.e. social media marketing, but will allow you guys to get to know me a bit better too.

 As of lately, I've become hella obsessed with taking good care of myself - something that was on my "do more of" list for 2017. Because I've been working out more regular now (refer to my posts here and here) I wanted to bring you a post on how to do fitness fashion on a budget. Now even if you don't plan on working out, let's face it, fitness style has become really popular over the last few years with people taking a liking to the style on a daily basis. Take the Kardashians for example, always getting papped on the go in-between shoots in really fashionable fitness gear.

Now I'm no Kardashian, but love keeping fit and a finding a good bargain, where New Look have easily become one of my favourite high-street retailers for fitness on a budget. Allow me to go through some of things I look for when selecting my gear...

So in terms of style I'm pretty at every end of the spectrum. Let's start off with colour, I love my neutrals (beiges, pinks etc), darks (blacks), & neons (electric pink, luminous yellow etc) when it comes to selecting gym clothing. I especially love neons in the summer because I feel like they generally make you happier resulting in a better workout.

In terms of fit when I'm working out I like anything fitted and my top half rule = "less is more" lol. Why? To be frank, when working out I like to be able to see those abs crunch together and it just makes me feel more motivated to continue to work harder. Also, I can get really hot and sweaty during the workout so need to be really comfortable.

Before investing in a product you'll want to know how long it lasts right? Of course. So I prefer to go for leggings/pants made out of polyester opposed to cotton and with high elasticity, this is because I feel more comfortable in the material as it's thin and stretchy - cotton more dense and has little stretch. These leggings are made up of 89% polyester & 11% elastane which is spot on for those of you with a smaller waists and bigger hips for a better fit. You can purchase these here...

On to my next point, I find that opposed to cotton leggings these polyester ones are great overall. They don't stretch out, shrink or fade in colour very easily so in terms of durability are the ones I'll always go for. I do like to however throw in some cotton workout pants for the winter, just for that added thickness and outdoor workouts. My jumper is also from New Look and can be found here. In this case, I prefer cotton as it keeps me so much warmer for outdoor workouts.

View New Look's full fitness range here...

Okay so now you have my fitness fashion on a budget tips, here are a few to keep you Active;

* Walk as much as you can - Not only does this save money but girl (or guy) you're getting that heart rate pumping and losing a few extra calories...

* Create a banging playlist - This helps with every aspect of life varying from concentration to keeping fit! I love to listen to bit of Sean Paul or Rihanna to get me in that dancing mood. TBF anything with a good beat!

* Do activities with your friends - Doing things with your friends is always so much fun opposed to just doing them alone right? Join fun active classes together such as; spin, yoga, swimming etc to see a difference in not only your physical appearance but the way you feel also!

* Workout at home - Especially around this time of year as well. If you freelance like me, you'll want to take regular breaks away from your laptop or any tasks you may be engrossed in and even involve a cheeky workout. This one by Fitness Blender is my fav to do on my "days off", it's only five minutes long but so effective and better than nothing right?

So those are my tips! What do you look for when on the hunt for sports gear? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thanks so much for reading. Don't forget to hit me up on social media to let me know what you think of this post :)
Lots of love xx

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Date Night with Your Bestie ft PrettyLittleThing - Zeena Xena

Saturday, 21 January 2017 London, UK

Why You Should Be Celebrating Galentine's Day...

You're probably sitting there thinking "what the hell is Galentine's day" and rightly so, until about a year ago I had no idea what it was either so allow me to explain; 

Galentine's day takes place a day prior to Valentine's day (February 13th), and is all about you and your girls celebrating and embracing one another. If you've followed my channels for some time, you'll know this is so me! Only last week I tweeted I wanted to get together with my girls for this special occasion, so when PrettyLittleThing reached out to me to create this post for my female readers, I was like HELL yeah! 

Personally I feel that sometimes us women are underappreciated, whether it be from our colleagues, family, partners etc we can sometimes go unnoticed. A day like this is great for us women to just celebrate each other regardless of our relationship status. I'm single (get the violin out) and can often feel lonely especially around the most "romantic" time of the year. With great company and activities, we don't have to feel like this however (no seriously). 

Below I've compiled a list of things for all my gals to try this Galentine's Day, from nights out to nights in... Hopefully one of the below will inspire you. 

// To Party or Dine?

Well I guess this is the most obvious point right? But where? That's always the question. You've done it ALL before but have you done it for Galentine's Day? Probably not! When planning group outings I love to create whatsapp groups and ask for suggestions first. I then take it to OpenTable or Design My Night for the best outings in London. Always works a treat and you end up getting props for being hella organised!

Tip: Roses are red, violets are blue... It's Galentine's Day and I've got a treat for you! If you're heading out to dinner and there's an even group, why not do a Galentine's Day dip? Something similar to a secret santa. Roses, perfume, makeup, clothes... All gifts are welcomed haha.

Need an outfit? Shop PrettyLittleThing's Valentine's Day selections here...

My Top picks...

// Netflix & Pamper

My friends will probably read this like "ok so this point is so you!" haha. It is indeed. I'm obsessed with skincare at the minute so would jump at this option in a heartbeat. Put that Netflix subscription to good use and put your favourite face mask on. I'm all about natural ingredients so would personally whip up a banana, oats and honey mask to put some moisture back into my skin. It's cold out in these streets!

Shop PrettyLittleThing's nightwear collection here... 

// Play Dress Up & Have A Karaoke Sesh...

Okay so another one of my favs! Who doesn't love to play dress up and sing there heart out to their fav Mariah Carey/Destiny's Child tunes? I actually did this last weekend with my mum haha. Honestly, I went to bed feeling so happy and content with life. Invest in a microphone, invite the girls over, dress up, sing your hearts out and live in the moment. Times like these make the best unforgettable memories. 

Remember, you don't have to be single to celebrate Galentine's Day but, February 13th is all about the girls! Talk about your plans and goals for the year, listen to one another and congratulate each other's successes. Like they say, us girls have to stick together!

Click below pics to be directed to my outfit... 

Will you be celebrating Galentine's Day this year? Let me know in the comments below! :) 

Lots of love! xx

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