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Thursday, 22 December 2016 London, UK

From taking breaks to eating whatever TF you want throughout the holidays, ya gurl has compiled a list of things you should do before the year is out. This is a collaboration post with New Look, and sadly the last post for 2016. But don't worry, I'll be back with even more insightful posts in the New Year, my first being an improved version of me. I hope you enjoy this one guys, and Merry Christmas to you all! 

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A Collaboration With New Look Focusing On Things You Should Be Doing Before The Year Is Out

1.// Have a Digital Detox 
This is the point I NEED to take into consideration. Whether you work using smart devices, use it for personal reasons or both it's always a good shout spending time away from the digital world. I spend about 12 hours total on my devices a day so you can imagine my eyes and head are in constant pain. Once Christmas is outta the way, I'm definitely going to use the last few days of 2016 to rejuvenate, if you're anything like me you should consider doing the same!

2.// Eat What You Want 
New year new you right? So the saying goes anyway haha. I mean let's face it, the festive season is all about stuffing your face relentlessly and feeling guilty some days after. But why should we have to feel guilty? If you've been on a healthy trip this year, I'd definitely say allow your mind, body and soul to be free. Of course don't over do it and eat in moderation, but allow yourself to be happy this festive season. Personally, food is my happiness so I'll be going in and exercising at the same damn time haha!

3.// Be Thankful 
It's so important to be thankful for life and all the ups and downs 2016 has brought into your life. Yes even the negatives. Think about the outcomes of negative situations... This could be, not getting a job you really wanted or letting go of toxic people. I've had both of these situations arise in 2015/2016. For the first part, the positive outcome was me chasing my dreams and working for myself. Something I always dreamed of as a young child . The latter, well let's just say I no longer have to deal with sheep in wolves clothing. I'm SO thankful!

4.// Spend Time With Loved Ones
As much as I love being alone and my own company, there's nothing like a good ol' catch up with family and friends. Before the year is out, make the effort to see those you haven't seen in a while, if this is not possible just a call or catch up message session is also good. Just show those who have played a positive role in your life, how much you care before the year ends... They deserve it!

5.// Leave The Past In The Past
I always start a new year fresh and leave all the negativity behind, because what's the point of starting the new year on a bad note? Write things that have hurt you this year on bits of paper, open them up and say what those things are, and chuck them away in the bin! Learn how to let go, move on and start the year feeling positive. Of course these negative things will always be memories, but for me I feel like this activity is a great way for me to end chapters and never re-visit them again. I've spoken about things that have hurt me in 2016 to the death of me, all my emotions are out. I feel no need to continue to do this in the new year.

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As always, your comments are much welcomed and appreciated!

Lots of love! xx

Photo Credit: Nikita Nevasion


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