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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 London, UK

How To Get Even More Motivated & Productive In 2017...

A Post About Getting In Motivated In 2017

Now don't get me wrong, I've had a pretty amazing year although it has been very challenging and draining, it's been good on a whole and I'm forever grateful. Since one of my previous posts (How Keeping Active Changed My Life Here), my productivity levels had fallen to an all time low, and it wasn't hard to realise why. I stopped taking care of myself. From exercising to eating healthily, I was lacking in the very things I needed that keep me going.

Two weeks ago I decided to make a change. I was fatigued constantly, taking naps during the day (something I rarely do and hate doing), and just couldn't afford to feel like this anymore. As you know with freelancing, opportunities do come to you but often, you have to actively go on the hunt for them yourself, spending hours drafting proposals. So I decided to write this post for those of you like me, looking for a little motivation to get hella productive in 2017...

Eat Well
Before I do anything I have a glass of water in the morning... Then If I work out, I'll have a cup of tea and some fruit to keep me going prior to an exercise. After working out, I'll then have a bowl of porridge to fuel me throughout the day, I've been loving Chia Co porridge, they do dairy-free options.

I've been cooking a lot less lately but hope to get back into meal prepping in the New Year. Eating healthy isn't cheap, but neither is taking/dining out. Preparing home-made meals not only is good for you within, but gives you a sense of achievement also. One of my goals of 2017 is to cook more, dine out less.

Work Out In The Mornings
I'll be honest I don't workout all the time but if my mood/energy levels ever stoop I know exactly what to do - get the mat out! Personally I like dance workouts because I somehow can stand 45 minutes of this instead of "Give me 50 squats". I learn well when things are super fun and interactive so if like me you hate exercising, this is a fun way to get your heart rate pumping without feeling annoyed. Some dance workouts to try:

1) Bollywood Workout - here
2) Belly Dance Workout - here
3) Twerk Workout - here
4) Zumba Workout - here

Set Weekly Calendars & Daily Tasks 
Let's face it, we need some type of organisation in life to get through the days in the week. As life get's hectic, we as individuals need to find the time to plan and prioritise what needs to be done and when. I plan my weekly calendars on a Sunday so I'm clear on what needs to be done during the upcoming week. By doing this, I'm able to see which days are less-busier so I can cram more in, which means for the days that I'm out, I don't have to worry about work as I've done it all!

Talk About Your Goals/Dreams
As cliche as it sounds, I'm a firm believer in putting things out there to the universe and them actually manifesting at some point in life. Meet up regularly with like minded people for working coffee dates and discuss things you want to achieve in the year, what you're proud of and things you need to change. Honestly on your way home you'll feel like you're ready to conquer the world... I felt like this after my recent Blogging Gals event.

"Constantly surround yourself with people who inspire you." (- Me, but somebody else probably already came up with this lol).

Follow People Who Inspire You 
You know how there's the saying "your network is your net worth", I believe it's the same thing in the people you follow and look up to. It's all good keeping up with the latest Kardashian drama and your fav funny viners, but how about those that will provide you with daily inspiration/motivation to do help reach your goals? I mean we all need to rest our minds for a bit and not take life so seriously, but there's also a part of us that needs uplifting through people that we can relate to.

Personally I like to follow influencers that I can tell work hard on their personal brands, founders of companies big or small [I love Richard Branson, I studied Travel and Tourism at uni so feel I can relate], and motivational speakers - they're the best!

Jacket - Miss Pap 
Polo Neck - Primark 
Skirt - Miss Pap
Boots - Public Desire 
Sunglasses - Ebay

Let's really get motivated in 2017! If you ever need a push make sure to come and visit my blog as I plan on doing loads of inspirational posts, or give me a tweet! 

May 2017 be the year of accomplished dreams, good health, wealth and overall success!

Much love x


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