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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 London, UK

Learn How To Boost Your Engagement On Instagram With My Simple Tips...

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I hope I don't shoot myself publishing this (LOL), but I just really wanted to write this post as I feel it could help smaller influencers like me out there in some way.

For many years now, I've had a love/hate relationship with instagram if I'm honest. I felt that instagram wasn't as real as any of the other social medias, so never really cared to make an effort with my page until this Summer. Why this Summer you ask? Well, I kind of noticed the small decline/shift in blogging and the rise of the Instagram influencer. Big companies are mainly focusing on how many followers you have or how many likes you can generate via instagram opposed to any other outlets. Having monitored this, I decided it was time for change...

During the Summer I accepted this change and decided to focus more on the quality of my content, consistency and my overall brand. From this, I have been able to grow my instagram a little over the past few months, from followers to engagement and of course, had to share some tips with you guys as always!

Content & Feed 
I always start off with this point (because it's important), but try your best to produce great quality content ensuring you're somewhat consistent. You don't need a professional photographer to have an acceptable feed, some influencers have found success taking mirror photos believe it or not. It just all comes back to your personal brand and what you feel best suits you and what is achievable at the time.

In terms of post frequency, you don't need to post everyday in order to be labelled "consistent". I'll usually post every other day or twice a week minimum just as I personally don't like to bombard my followers with too much content. I find that this works for me.

Okay so feeds are a tricky one right? I always have a vision and end up going way off the "theme" however there are some things you can do to work around this. I recommend using a tool to help you pick and choose which photos look best on your feed. Planoly is great for this, or if you're old-school like me you could always make another instagram account (nobody has to know haha). Days before uploading my content I'll sort of upload what I think looks best on my feed to my 'practice page' then save it as a draft on my actual instagram page until I'm ready to publish. With Planoly however you can upload, drag and drop items within there app before you decide to upload.

Work Strategically 
Without sounding like the ultimate snob, as you feel yourself grow as an influencer you have to know when to say yes or no to collaborations. Don't get me wrong, I'll work with the odd smaller fashion line now and again, but not too often just as I don't benefit as much. Instead, I like to work with larger brands who not only offer clothing, but ways to increase my following through re-posts for example.

Using my favourite brand Pretty Little Thing as an example, if I get a re-post on their page I'm guaranteed at least 30 followers from that re-post. For a small influencer like me, that's a lot!

I'll just leave that there...

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Engage With Others 
I used to be what I like to call a 'Lazy instagrammer' where I'd only log into instagram to post something and log straight off again, this is not what I call good blogger practice. These days I actually engage with those I follow not just friends, but making sure I'm actively looking out for posts when I have the time, and looking through hashtags that are relevant to my interests. I find when other influencers recognise you supporting them all the time, they are likely to reciprocate. This is one of the top ways I've managed to turn my followers into loyal ones!

Join Engagement Groups 
Until a few weeks ago, I didn't even know engagement groups were a thing and to be quiet honest was a little sceptical. I didn't think it was an organic way to grow engagement rates until I actually put some thought into it. With Instagram's new algorithm, I find I'm seeing posts from the same 'top 20' people over and over again although I follow over 300 people. Joining engagement groups, is a great way to 'never miss a post' by notifying each other of new content then engaging by commenting and liking. It's that simple!

Tip; You can create these groups by sending a group message to a handful of bloggers (or more) and even modify the groups name. Thanks Katie Matthews for making me aware of these!

Promote Your Content 
Just like blog posts there's no shame in promoting your instagram in general or specific posts. I have an ifttt recipe set up automatically for when I post on instagram, meaning that the recipe is pushed out as a photo instead of a link. This helps alert my followers on twitter making them aware of any new content including a direct link to my instagram post/page.

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Use Instagram Stories 
As much as I hate change and didn't see the point at the start, I feel Instagram stories really helps to push your content out just that little bit further. When I have a really busy day shooting or at events I'll make sure I put some content up, or even when I'm just lazing about at home/having a quiet week. I've found that even when you don't have any fresh content up, some of your viewers will end up visiting your page and engage with your pictures just because of your instagram stories!

So there you have it! Some simple ways to boost your engagement on instagram. Let me know what you think of these tips and if there's anything else I've missed out. As always, I love reading your comments/receiving feedback on my posts so be sure to comment!

Until next time....


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