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Friday, 14 October 2016 London, UK

Supporting Each-other Goes A Long Way..

Sometimes we often get caught up and lost in life that we tend to forget to worry or think about others. I feel that at this present moment in time, I've never needed support from family and friends as much as I do now. I decided to write this post to share the reasons why we should all be supporting each other more and what it can do for each of us. 

I'm going to try and keep this post as light and general as possible just so my content isn't too targeted to bloggers only, but you'll catch a few points here and there specific to bloggers.

General Support 
I think it's really important to support your friends and family when it comes to their jobs, businesses, studies, hobbies etc. Life as it is, is not easy and so uplifting each other and celebrating victories, big or small are important. I feel like when my friends praise me and vice versa, there's a change in my mood and I feel determined to work even harder because my loved ones are noticing my efforts. Sometimes these little praises go a long way especially when you're feeling down, like in my latest post here. I remember I had so many people reminding me of how hard I work and supporting my decision to just take a break. This was nice as I always feel pressured to help people, really refreshing to instead get the help and support I needed. 

How To Support 
There's a number of things you could do to support your friends; being verbal and complimenting them is great but how about contributing to their success? If your friend/family is a blogger why not assist in taking their pictures or contributing to their blog? Have a photographer friend? Why not assist them on a photoshoot? Have a friend who runs a business? Purchase from them! The list is endless! Don't stop at supporting them once or twice.... Continue to do it - forever

Recently my friend Nasrin sent out a broadcast message to let her friends/family know that she'll be doing a 5 mile walk for refugees of Syria. I helped by donating some money to justgiving.com/team-nsss and it just feels good to know that the money she raises will go to helping these refugees with; Winter fuel, blankets, mattresses, clothes etc. Supporting goes a long way and doesn't always have to mean supporting people that you actually know. If you have some extra £'s spare this month, please donate too!

What It Means To Support
From the above, you can tell that supporting people in certain instances may mean they receive things we take for granted - necessities. Supporting those in need is definitely one of the best feelings ever and if you are offered the opportunity of doing so, take it! 

Supporting those you know offers a sense of fulfillment too. Life is not just about being selfless and/or going to work and getting paid to help somebody else's vision which has already flourished. Supporting can also mean; Helping a family member move house, visiting a loved one in hospital or supporting a major life decision. I'll use my mum as an example, someone who suffers with mental her health. Like most people she can have a really good week, then a couple of days where she wants to stay in bed for a few days straight because she's feeling super down. Something like me cleaning the house, preparing her meals, paying the bills, is a big weight lifted off her shoulders. This is me supporting her in the daily tasks that she can sometimes find difficult. 

You can physically support someone and aid to their mental health, positively. 

Supporting Sponsored Content 
Lately I've been working with a few brands on a few sponsored campaigns which is great for me! This means that I get to promote a product or service that I fully support and get paid for doing so. However, I've noticed in most instances that sponsored content is the least popular when it comes to the amount of likes a photo gets on instagram or RTs on instagram. Now, I get that we as followers of bigger influencers may not want to see anything apart from their beautiful faces, flatlays or whatever else has made them popular, however this is not always possible. 

This part of the post is just to remind bloggers and non-bloggers that being a popular instagrammer/blogger/youtuber etc is a job whether you like it or not. I feel like these days there's so much comparison to "real jobs" aka your traditional 9-5's, which is just silly because the two aren't comparable. Bloggers and other freelancers work equally as hard, if anything sometimes harder in order to get paid. We have to actively look for work and sometimes go through "bad patches" or have slow months and this is the reality of it. So the next time you see a post featuring #ad, like and find a way to praise the author for whatever they've posted. The more interaction, the happier the agency they've worked with and client! CHA-CHING!

Before I leave I just wanted to thank the below amazing people for ALWAYS supporting everything I do! I love you guys...

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  1. If everyone decided to support others rather than drag people down, the world would be an amazing place!

  2. Hey girl! Totally agree on the support. It's so important that we support and continue to recognise each other even if we are wrapped up in our lives!

    ps I didn't even know you had a new instagram I thought I was always following you! will defo follow hun x



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