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Friday, 7 October 2016 London, UK

It's Time To Take A Break...

I know I've had a little blog break again, and do I feel bad for it? No, honestly. I feel like we all as bloggers put so much pressure on creating content for our blogs along with our day jobs, that we often forget to just enjoy life. I personally have learned over this past year to just go with the flow and not force myself to blog, because it doesn't become enjoyable, instead more of a chore. 

Rewind to two weeks ago, I was meant to go on a vacation to Morocco for 9 whole days but due to some very unforeseen circumstances, it never happened. For me, this vacation wasn't just any old random holiday, far from that. I had planned on visiting family I hadn't seen in three years and felt like this is the break that I needed to motivate me to do the things that I haven't been doing. Morocco is a very vibrant country full of beautiful buildings and architecture, all the inspiration I needed to give me that push. Apparently, not this time though. 

I was sad that I had missed out on this trip, even more sad that it wasn't even my fault. However, after many depressing tweets, not answering calls etc I decided it was time to unplug from social media for as long as I needed. I did this for about 4 days and stayed indoors for over a week... 

As you know, this is very unlike me! I pretty much always need to be out and live on social media, but again it was needed. Each day I sobbed at the unfortunate fact that I didn't get to go away, the fact that so many bad things kept happening all straight after each other, then decided to turn my focus to more enjoyable things.

Don't laugh but, until two weeks ago I'd never watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars. I never was really into watching TV, unless it was a documentary or series on crime (lol). Anyway, I managed to whizz through one whole season in just under two weeks, which took my focus off the whole holiday catastrophe. Instead, I too was trying to figure out who A was haha.

I was completely out of work mode this week. Didn't care about anything but focusing on myself and my mental health. It did me good, but after a week I realised that because I had stayed in so much, I'd almost become a recluse and avoided any outings with friends/family. It wasn't until my friend Oghosa invited me out to a Gala, where somehow I plucked up the mental energy to put together an outfit and go out together. May I add, we slayed. I thank her for this because from this point on I felt like things have been going all the way up. I've been non-stop shooting, out running errands, putting things that matter first and generally getting on with life again.

Having said this, I needed that break to just do nothing. I don't think I've ever had a week like that in my life unless I was seriously ill so it was nice. Honestly, that week I wasn't myself... I lost all my motivation, confidence... Didn't care about my physical appearance etc. So I'm here to tell you, don't ever feel like it's not okay to feel like this, life can get to us all. If you can, at some point each year take some time out for yourself... Do things you love, explore your city and just love yourself! 

The purpose of this post was to simply let you guys know that sometimes taking a break from life and doing absolutely nothing is fine. Completely fine. During my break I also started bath meditation via  guided meditation on youtube, and my oh my they've helped so much. I've really managed to unwind and almost feel like when I take these baths, I wash all my problems away. 

Lastly, I want to put emphasis on social media and how we can be perceived as having such a perfect life. Don't ever compare your life to another's by the things you see on social media, the majority of it is not real which I'm pretty sure you already know. We all have problems we mask and do so via controlled tweets/pretty images, nothing wrong with it but just don't ever feel like you aren't enough because of what you see - YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

Jacket - Boohoo similar (here)
Top - Primark 
Leggings - My Bandage Dress (purchase here)
Shoes - Zara 
Choker - La Moda 

Until next time x


  1. Love this post! So glad you're feeling better; sometimes we need to have a break and to stop comparing ourselves to others all the time!

  2. You have a great sense of styling!!

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