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Tuesday, 9 August 2016 London, UK

How Keeping Active Can Change Your Life...

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Now you've probably stumbled upon this thinking "ugh not another one of those fitness posts", but I promise you this is something a little different and refreshing. I want to share with you how keeping active has changed my life, helping me get through those busy working days which actually leads me to another post I have coming up "My Working From Home Routine"... Stay tuned for that.

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So on to today's post my loves. During July I decided to change my eating habits and exercise a lot more. This change came from my holiday to Portugal (see all my outfits here), where I was just feeling all round tired and deflated. The holiday itself had me really motivated to change certain things but I think I suffered from post-holiday melt-down aka holiday blues - I'm being serious! Ever go on holiday and come back feeling really sad? Yep that was me. Anyway, it was time to make some changes but honestly it wasn't easy. I've never really been a fan of keeping active, fitness or watching what I eat but here I stand today - A CHANGED WOMAN!

The First Week 
The first week of my changes was a real challenge for me. I decided that I was going to cut out junk food completely just so I could set the tone for the month ahead. I was prepping my meals, eating a lot of greens, drinking a lot of smoothies and exercising 4 times in this week alone. I was GRUMPY AF. I was literally crying for sugar so decided that the weekends would be my days to "cheat". It was a great week overall though, I was productive but not very happy so decided to change things up again for the next week.

The Second Week 
Let's just say on the weekend prior, I over indulged. I felt gross and could not wait to be back on my healthy meals. However, this time I told myself I was allowed to eat what I wanted in moderation. I didn't exercise as much but when I did it was for a longer period of time, which as you can imagine I was very proud of. During this week, I was VERY productive ticking off each goal on my list and working in shorter time-frames so I could tackle a number of tasks in each day. I've been keeping this up, slowly but surely.

Changes Within My Body
Keeping active whether it be walking, exercising etc has allowed me to get the most out of my days. I've noticed that when I exercise in the morning, I'm more likely to have A LOT of energy throughout the day. Meaning more tasks ticked off my list and as a freelancer I can run out to do a lot more errands. In terms of losing weight etc, I'm yet to see those changes just as I'd have to be eating a lot cleaner and exercising more... But right now those are not my goals. I'm just focusing on feeling less tired and getting a lot more out of my days by keeping active!

Ready to make some changes? Here's what I recommend...

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Eat Well 
Have your snacks but eat well and drink lots of water! My go to meals are spinach, salmon, pasta and sweetcorn (Lasts about 3 days in the fridge) and chicken + sweet potato... I've also been baking loads so I have more fresh sweet treats. I'm also quite frankly over smoothies and more into juices, I love Marks & Spencer's (Watermelon, Tropical and Kale juice) & Tesco's finest still lemonade. These keep me hydrated throughout the week and help aid to beautiful skin! Another tip, when you crave sweet things instead of grabbing a bar of chocolate you could perhaps try grapes covered in yogurt or even a handful of raisins. I have to admit, I still purchase and eat Petit Filous kids yogurts and even freeze them as a treat haha!

I have these headphones round the wrong way for the purpose of this post. 

Listen To Music
Okay so when you're working out, girl you need to be listening to some music that's gonna have you like "YASSS I'M DA QUEEN OF ALL QUEENS" haha. No but on a serious note, even if you're going for a long walk pop your favourite track on (make sure it has an up tempo beat) and walk with it.

When keeping active I love using my Jabra Sport Pulse* headphones which are wireless and monitor your heart rate at the same time. Cool right? I love these for working out as they simply connect with bluetooth meaning no dangly wires + you can control tracks and calls using the buttons, they're secure for running, the headphones are dust/waterproof and the sound - oh my. Let's just say I'm using these more than my beats headphones.

Workout Videos Are Your Friend 
Okay so imma be real with you all, I don't actually go to the gym but I work out from home and LOVE IT! I've always been the type to love doing things alone, from working out to working from home I just like doing it all in my own space. I use Cassie from blogilates' workouts via youtube, she also has an app and sends you a monthly workout calender to keep you motivated. I've been working out with Cassie for a number of years now and always go back to her!

Apart from Cassie's workouts I also like to spice it up with Zumba and Twerk workouts as I think these get your heart-racing but you're having so much fun sometimes you don't even realise you're exercising. I also found a really good Bollywood workout which I'll include in this post once I've found it again.

Don't Look Back 
So now you have all my tips and tricks for keeping active and getting the most out of your days. Honestly these are just small steps to take to help you reach your goals or even just to help keep you motivated throughout the week.

An active, healthy and happy life pushes you even closer to where you want to be! 

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