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Thursday, 28 July 2016 London, UK

Why Travelling Is Important To Me & Should Be To You Too! 

Why Travelling Is Important

All of you know I love a good holiday and have been away several times this year alone. Travelling for me is not all about relaxing though. I love; learning about the local cultures, appreciating the earth's natural beauty, in which my recent trip to Madeira which I blogged about here allowed me to do! I've had conversations with friends who haven't travelled in a while so thought it'd be a good idea to shed some light on why I believe travelling is important. 


Gives You Perspective On Life 
I mean when I'm away I like to think a lot... I literally make exciting life plans in my head that I wouldn't otherwise whilst at home. I remember years ago writing in my notepad whilst in Morocco how I wanted to start something huge on the internet. I just didn't know what. A few months later I had started Blogging Gals and a few years down the line look at how successful it is!

Whilst abroad I feel like it's so much easier to have conversations with myself. I ask myself questions such as:
  • What do you want from life? How are you going to get it? 
  • What's making you unhappy? How can you fix it? 
  • I even think about things I can change to make me happier whether it's redecorating, changing my appearance or taking up a new hobby - like exercising & meditating. (post coming soon about this). 

Makes You Feel At Home 
If you were born or have family in another country of course travelling make you feel right at home! Sometimes being stuck in one place for far too long can leave you feeling down in the dumps and lonely. If you have family abroad and you'd love to see them, why not start each new year with the aim of saving up for a plane ticket? Sometimes this works more better than buying one right out with all your wages from one month! I feel like no matter how much a person enjoys their own company, sometimes we need family and friends around us to make us feel loved. 

Gives You Ideas
As mentioned above, I was on holiday myself when I realised I wanted to start "something big" up on the internet. My advice is; if you're still travelling throughout the year, use every opportunity to have quite moments with yourself each day. For me being outside on a fresh morning allows me to cook up a storm in my head. I'm usually full of ideas early on in the day and always have a notepad handy to jot down my thoughts. 

For us fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers travelling gives us so much opportunity to create even better content. I mean take my recent trip to Madeira and all the instagram photos I've been uploading, I mean... Amazing huh? The colours and locations of other countries are incomparable to another country - each one has so much to offer. 

So there we have it, a nice short and sweet post as to why I think travelling is important. Even if it's a domestic day-trip, or an exciting weekend away... Take your mind, body and soul away from your routine and allow them to relax and adjust to a new surrounding. When you come back from travelling, yes you'll feel blue but also ready to make some changes! 

Want to book a holiday for less? Check out this post I wrote for Blogging Gals that includes loads of money-saving tips! 

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  1. As a new/ first time blogger how did you have the funds to begin traveling? What are some ways you made money to travel places?


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