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Thursday, 28 July 2016 London, UK

Why Travelling Is Important To Me & Should Be To You Too! 

Why Travelling Is Important

All of you know I love a good holiday and have been away several times this year alone. Travelling for me is not all about relaxing though. I love; learning about the local cultures, appreciating the earth's natural beauty, in which my recent trip to Madeira which I blogged about here allowed me to do! I've had conversations with friends who haven't travelled in a while so thought it'd be a good idea to shed some light on why I believe travelling is important. 


Gives You Perspective On Life 
I mean when I'm away I like to think a lot... I literally make exciting life plans in my head that I wouldn't otherwise whilst at home. I remember years ago writing in my notepad whilst in Morocco how I wanted to start something huge on the internet. I just didn't know what. A few months later I had started Blogging Gals and a few years down the line look at how successful it is!

Whilst abroad I feel like it's so much easier to have conversations with myself. I ask myself questions such as:
  • What do you want from life? How are you going to get it? 
  • What's making you unhappy? How can you fix it? 
  • I even think about things I can change to make me happier whether it's redecorating, changing my appearance or taking up a new hobby - like exercising & meditating. (post coming soon about this). 

Makes You Feel At Home 
If you were born or have family in another country of course travelling make you feel right at home! Sometimes being stuck in one place for far too long can leave you feeling down in the dumps and lonely. If you have family abroad and you'd love to see them, why not start each new year with the aim of saving up for a plane ticket? Sometimes this works more better than buying one right out with all your wages from one month! I feel like no matter how much a person enjoys their own company, sometimes we need family and friends around us to make us feel loved. 

Gives You Ideas
As mentioned above, I was on holiday myself when I realised I wanted to start "something big" up on the internet. My advice is; if you're still travelling throughout the year, use every opportunity to have quite moments with yourself each day. For me being outside on a fresh morning allows me to cook up a storm in my head. I'm usually full of ideas early on in the day and always have a notepad handy to jot down my thoughts. 

For us fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers travelling gives us so much opportunity to create even better content. I mean take my recent trip to Madeira and all the instagram photos I've been uploading, I mean... Amazing huh? The colours and locations of other countries are incomparable to another country - each one has so much to offer. 

So there we have it, a nice short and sweet post as to why I think travelling is important. Even if it's a domestic day-trip, or an exciting weekend away... Take your mind, body and soul away from your routine and allow them to relax and adjust to a new surrounding. When you come back from travelling, yes you'll feel blue but also ready to make some changes! 

Want to book a holiday for less? Check out this post I wrote for Blogging Gals that includes loads of money-saving tips! 

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Blogging 101: How To Remain True To Yourself - Zeena Xena

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 London, UK

How To Remain True To Yourself Whilst Blogging 

Guys, I've been awful at blogging lately haven't I? Honestly I'm so busy with blogginggals.com that I often find myself not being able to blog as often as I'd like to on here. Hopefully, I can come up with some sort of strategy + schedule to keep this blog in tip top condition. 

Anyway, I've decided to start doing more meaningful posts on the blog - you know how I just talk about and focus on my outfits usually? Yeah all of that is going to change... I've figured I need to start creating more valuable content and sharing my expertise in this field because why not? I'm capable. 

In today's post I'll be sharing with you ways in which one can remain true to themselves in a sea full of craziness. Yes I personally think blogging is getting a little bit crazy right about now especially for those of us that have been around for a while now.

Throughout my blogging journey I've seen it all, the good, the bad and well... The not so great side of blogging. I'll just be sharing some tips on how to stay sane and manage it all really... 

Focus On Why You Started 
In order to stay true to yourself you must first take it back to the beginning. Why did you start blogging? What was your motivation? Mines was my hair... Yup! I was on a journey to growing longer and healthier hair (peep an old embarrassing post here... Promise not to laugh at my writing style okay? haha). It wasn't about free things, or money... It was simply about growing my hair. I personally think a blogging journey is much more fulfilling when you take a passion be it; fashion, travelling, cooking, etc rather than starting in saying "I want tonnes of free things, to be famous and become a millionaire" - let's be real all of that comes with hard work and consistency anyway. Focus on creating great content with the end aim of turning your blog into a business, people will admire you for it.  

Motivate Yourself
When I say 'motivate yourself' I don't mean get off the couch and stop watching the latest episode of Orange is the new black... I mean motivate yourself to create content that you actually want to see on your blog. Us bloggers are lucky to be involved in paid/non-paid campaigns or collaborations, but where do you draw the line and realise that you need to motivate yourself to create content that is valuable to your readers? I don't tend to read a lot of blogs that are full of campaigns etc, not because I'm a hater or anything, but simply because I like to learn things from bloggers or hear their stories. 

Take a step back and look at your content, what posts have done really well that have actually helped your readers? Involve more of these on your blog along with other content. 

Blog About What You Believe In 
In correlation to the above, never feel like you are forced to write about things you don't necessarily agree with or believe in. When deciding whether you should work with certain brands make sure the assignment fits in line with what your'e already blogging about and put your own spin on it - An important factor when it comes to remaining true to yourself whilst blogging.

Remove Yourself From Cliques
I for one know first-hand what it can be like to be 'super friendly' with a number of bloggers and almost form a clique - nothing wrong with this at all. However, it can get a bit bitchy and personally I represent Blogging Gals, so people need to feel like they can talk to me always. My tip would be to communicate and collaborate with bloggers from all walk of life, it's such a beautiful thing to see.

I've seen people's position change in the bloggersphere along with their attitudes. You know the kind that have a few more thousand followers and think this is an excuse to act a certain way to others 'beneath them'. Don't let that be you. It's nice to see the success of bloggers of course, but always remember to be humble, kind and take the time out to appreciate your readers & followers.

Never Give Up 
Sometimes I feel like I want to give up for a number of reasons and I can imagine many of you have felt the same way in the past. From negative blog feedback, blogger bitchiness or any other personal reasons... These things can get in the way of blogging. This brings me back to my first point, focus on why you started and how sweet it was all back then, eliminate any negativity that surrounds you and simply concentrate on your talents and execute them well!

We're all great at what we do and in our own individual way inspire a few or many due to our awesomeness. Don't stop...

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Let me know what you loved or even hated about this post... Feeling my new format? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

The Girl In The Peach Dress - Zeena Xena

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 London, UK

Heading to a prom, wedding or is your birthday coming up? Whatever the occasion I've found the perfect peach dress for you! Guaranteed to turn heads, this show-stopper is everything you need this summer...

Peach Dress

I've collaborated with Goddiva after some months to bring you a special occasion type look perfect for the Summer season as so many events are coming up! 

I usually find long tight-fitting dresses quite uncomfortable but to my surprise this one was really comfy to shoot in. Although the dress is super long, I was not restricted in terms of movement and was not irritated by the lace as the guys at Goddiva have used an underlying material to help with this. 

As with most long dresses (unless you're super tall or have 6" heels on) you'll find that the dress may hit the floor, so you'll have to hold it up as you're walking. I have no qualms with this to be honest, I feel like some sort of royalty holding up a dress and walking to wherever it is I need to be haha! 

Peach Dress

As you can tell by the images above I'm not wearing a bra or any type of covers as I have small boobs anyway, but this dress does come with nipple covers so you don't have to worry about buying a new bra! 

Peach Dress

Peach Dress

I LOVE peachy tones in clothing as I think they work well with my skin tone and any other skin tone in fact. The colour is easy to match with any other coloured heels and a variety of styles as well, which makes it easier for styling up.

Judging by my poses you can probably tell that I love the back of this dress haha, the low back really adds that 'sexy' twist as does the key-hole cutout. One thing I didn't do when I shot in this dress was use fashion-tape (for the boob area) which I think is key to making this dress look as nice as possible.

Currently this dress is not stocked in all sizes, however, I've listed a few others that I'm crazy about;

I love the mesh panelling on this dress, the fact that it's a bardot dress and has a fishtail all in one - waht more could a girl ask for? I'd probably wear this to a really dressy event and cherish it forever... Purchase here
I actually featured this dress in 'salmon' here which got very popular and sold out in many sizes in the salmon colour (hoping I had something to do with it LOL). However, I've listed the next best thing which is this lovely baby blue which is great as a bridesmaid dress, to wear to a baby shower or even a date! Purchase here

Another Bardot dress? Will I ever stop? haha. I included this dress as I really like the contrast between the two colours and it's multi-way so you can wear it many different ways. Again I love my floor length dresses and think this one is is the perfect fit for any body type. All sizes are stocked here
Lastly, this peach number is just perfect for ANY occasion, from prom to wedding whatever the occasion this is the summer go to. Sizes are stocked here

I'd definitely recommend Goddiva for all your special occasion dresses, prices are very reasonable where you can also grab a discount when you sign up to their newsletter or even shop the sale!

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