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Monday, 16 May 2016 London, UK

Hello beauties and a happy brand new week to you all :) As you know I've been on my A game with these fashion posts thanks to my photographer Calvin and all the amazing brands I've collaborated with thus far. One I'm excited to be working with in particular is New Look, why? Because out of all the online/high street retailers, New Look's garments have been in my closet ever since I was in secondary school.. I feel like I've watched the brand grow haha! 

Anyway, on to today's post... I've been challenged to style up a Summer outfit taking it from day to night. Follow the images below to see how I've done so, including some tips for you to replicate the same sort of thing...

Simply pairing a jean jacket, trainer shoes & a grab bag takes this look from evening to more day time, meaning you can head out to that day time BBQ and straight to a bar to dance the night away! Remember, your day time outfit doesn't have to be too 'out there' so you can make your two piece as casual as you like... Until later on that evening that is ;) 

Removing the "accessories" and changing the shoes is the way to take this look from day to night. If you know me I'm a big fan of matching my shoes to my top so I opted for white caged heels to add some extra sass to this gorgeous outfit. 

Both the skirt and top fit very well and due to the colour scheme I have going on here, I think the combo works well for many special occasions... From birthdays to baby showers. 

The pieces above and other special occasion pieces can be found in New Look's 'Occasion Hub', where you can shop through categories such as; 

* Wedding 
* Prom 
* Races 
* Summer BBQ 
This makes online shopping even more easier for you as you do not have to sort through 100s of pages trying to find that perfect dress. 

* Sizes worn - 8 in top / 8 in skirt. 
As always, let me know of what you think of the above outfit and what you'd like to see me style up next. 

Lots of love, 


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I love the colours as well!x

  2. Girl, you are most definitely on fire with your posts. I love how simple this is to take from day to night. Nailed it AGAIN!
    Bee xxx


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