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Saturday, 28 May 2016 London, UK

Yay! It's bank holiday weekend and time to get SASSY. I've put together this cool outfit to show you that fashion doesn't have to be boring all the time or expensive.This Summer make it a priority to play around with colours and textures putting your own spin to whats currently trending! 

I was told recently that orange is my colour and here I am rocking this knotted beaut from Oh Polly they're a fast paced online retailer who have some of the hottest pieces out.  Again as British weather is so unpredictable, its nice to stock up on pieces that can be worn on both sunny and cold days. 

These boots by Ego are just the BOMB. I remember seeing yeezy bring out a similar pair and being like in my head "I HAVE TO HAVE THESE". I didn't really think about how sweaty your feet get in these boots though, so I'll just say this... These boots are not for comfort, they're just pretty haha.

Dress - Purchase here

Shoes - Purchase here 

P.s I've just started watching Orange Is The New Black and I absolutely LOVE it! Who else is a fan? Leave a comment below! 


  1. such a sexy look Zena! Love x

  2. Omg I Love Your Blog! <3

    - Owen Frostie .xo


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