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It's about time I incorporated beauty onto this blog again right? I've seriously lost myself in fashion and almost forgotten that I'm a lifestyle blogger haha. 
Right, so more recently I've become obsessed with liquid lipsticks and if you're a regular to my blog you'll remember I did a review on these lip lacquers here a few months ago. I've added two new colours to my collection and thought it'd be great to do another review as many swatches out there are catered to those with lighter skin tones. 

As I've already reviewed these lippies here I won't go into too much detail, but I will discuss the quality and colours in more depth. 

From left to right; Halcyon, Unity, Vivacity 


In terms of the way the lip lacquers feel, I wouldn't say they are the best in comparison to other brands, but for only £3 a pot I think they're great value for money. They do tend to feel quite dry on the lips so I apply a gloss over it. I know this takes away from the whole matte effect, but personally I hate the feel and look of ultra matte lips on me (I have naturally dry prune-like lips haha), I'd recommend seriously prepping your lips prior to applying these lippies with a lip scrub, some coconut oil & a lip liner. This will help the lip lacquer last longer as staying power isn't so great especially when eating. 


I'm really pleased with the pigment of the lippies - these have been swatched with only one coat of product so just imagine a second + a gloss *love heart eyes*. I'd say unity didn't picture so well but it's sort of a lilac/grey colour (you literally need to have the whitest teeth to rock this colour haha). My current favourite is definitely Halcyon - a great fit for all skin tones! Purchase details can be found below...

Vivacity - purchase here

Unity - purchase here

Halcyon - purchase here

All are priced at £3! Will you be getting your hands on any of these lippies? Leave a comment below & let me know what you'd like to see next on my blog :) 

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  1. I've always wondered what these lippys were like.. I love MUA's products (and prices - helloooo bargains!) and I think the packaging of these just makes them look so lux, too. For £3, you can't go wrong at all, can you?! Not sure that the lilac shade would suit me, but the other two shades look like absolute winners, so I may very well check them out :}

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x


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