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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 London, UK

I don't think my obsession with glowing will ever die down. Since I got my hands on Laura Geller's gilded honey mentioned in this post, I've been sweeping it all over my face (along with 10,000 other highlighters) haha. 

Lately, I've also become infatuated with colours such as nudes, beiges and browns so wanted to put this simple outfit together which works perfectly for a night out on the town or even dinner. This dress by the way is only £13.99 - Brand details can be found below! 

BTW how gorgeous is one of my new locations? Absolutely love it! 

Now watch me glow even more...

Dress - Glamzam
Shoes - Zara (Few seasons ago)

All my photos are taken by  Calvin ( - he offers blogger packages so get in touch! 

What do you want to see next on the blog? All feedback is welcome :)


  1. I love how your outfit matches your surroundings hun - move over Kim K! xx


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