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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 London, UK

I don't think my obsession with glowing will ever die down. Since I got my hands on Laura Geller's gilded honey mentioned in this post, I've been sweeping it all over my face (along with 10,000 other highlighters) haha. 

Lately, I've also become infatuated with colours such as nudes, beiges and browns so wanted to put this simple outfit together which works perfectly for a night out on the town or even dinner. This dress by the way is only £13.99 - Brand details can be found below! 

BTW how gorgeous is one of my new locations? Absolutely love it! 

Now watch me glow even more...

Dress - Glamzam
Shoes - Zara (Few seasons ago)

All my photos are taken by  Calvin ( - he offers blogger packages so get in touch! 

What do you want to see next on the blog? All feedback is welcome :)

Skin Focus ft Laura Geller - Zeena Xena

Monday, 25 April 2016 London, UK

Hey hey hey. Happy Monday beauties. So excited to share this post with you today to get ya'll glowinnn' for summer. I was kindly sent a bundle of Laura Geller products to try a few weeks back and have done some looks using the products on instagram already. If you know me, you'd know that I really like to keep my makeup simple making my skin the primary focus. Today I'll be breaking down the Laura Geller products used in this post explaining what I've used them for and how I've used them to create the desired look below. 

Laura Geller - Spackle Treatment, Purchase here

Okay so hold up real quick... One question... Why didn't I discover this product any sooner? This has become my go to everyday primer for any makeup look. This product delivers way more than just your average makeup primer. First of all, if you have dry skin you'll find that this product is very moisturising which is great for combating the weather especially if you live in the UK. The spackle treatment also colour corrects any skin discolouration and imperfections thanks to the pinky peach hue. If you've booked a Summer holiday, I assure you this product is all you need once you have a tan - the glisten/glow/shimmer whatever you want to call it is just beyond beautiful. Laura Geller also say that the skincare-infused formula in the product helps with evening out skin tone, enhancing clarity and helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots. I can vouch for evening skin tone, my skin has never looked so pure and fresh! 

Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation (#Honey) - Purchase here

In previous makeup blog posts I've raved on about how good L'oreal's true match is, but I feel since changing their packaging and formula things haven't been the same. I often find it hard to find foundations to suit my skin tone so honestly didn't have high hopes for this one, but I'll have you know when I go back to my L'oreal foundation I sit there asking myself "what even is this?" haha. No seriously, the coverage on this is ridiculously good. 

One cool fact about this foundation and some of Laura Geller's other products is that they are baked, this means that with this product in particular the colour in the foundation lays evenly onto your skin. Combined with almond and a bunch of other skin-loving ingredients - this foundation is the perfect 'summer skin' build up especially if one of your aims is to nurse your skin to it's health.  
P.s this foundation again has colour correcting pigments so you won't need a cc concealer! 

 Filter Finish Baked Radiance Setting Powder - Purchase here

So once I've primed, concealed and added foundation to my face I'll then take my filter finish and sweep it over the desired areas. In particular underneath my eyes, t-zone and cheeks. This product 'blurs' flaws, balances the skin tone and illuminates the skin adding to that super glow - it basically works like your favourite instagram filter! I was also told that if you apply this and then gilded honey on top, you're more likely to glow - the truth! 

 Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator (#GildedHoney) - Purchase here

Sound familiar? Not surprising since this is one of popular instagram influencer Amrezy's favourite highlighters. Again this highlighter is one of my favourites by Laura Geller, I like to swoop it over the higher points of my cheeks and mix one of my other favourite highlighters by Sleek. The only gripe that I have with this is that I find it hard to pick up with my highlighting brushes (I have some really good brushes too), so a little tip; Spritz some setting spray on your brush so the product picks up better or even use your fingers - much better! 

 Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick (#SohoNude) - Purchase here

Before opening this lipstick, I couldn't see why this product was called a 'sculpting' lipstick, in my mind all I could think about was Kylie Jenner haha. However, once I opened the box and winded the lipstick up... It was there... The answer. The way this lipstick is shaped is like no other, it's curved and cups into the shape of your lips making application super easy. I did apply a gloss over the lipstick just as nudes make my lips look really dry but, I'll definitely be trying some of their other lipsticks since their very long-lasting and have some other great shades. 

The result of focusing on my skin using Laura Geller products... 

You can purchase Laura Geller products from Cult Beauty, & House of Fraser. Let me know if you've tried any of the above or looking to try any of the above. 

Chocolate Pink - Zeena Xena

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 London, UK

I had a tough time naming this post, so yet again I've stuck with naming my posts after colours since there's always a lot of colour co-coordinating going on. As always, I like to keep my posts short and sweet so you can find details of this outfit below. See also how I styled these boots in a more casual look here

Top - here (I'm wearing a size 8)
Skirt - here (I'm wearing a size 10)
Boots - here 

In terms of quality, this two piece is one of the best I actually own. Material is thick, stretchy and very sculpting so great for all body shapes. In this combo there are a variety of colours to chose from so do take a look at the My Bandage Dress website. I honestly can't wait to see what types of designs they'll be bringing out this Summer! 

See you soon with another fashion post ;) 

Hema Nail Polishes

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 London, UK

So if you haven't heard of HEMA before where have you been hiding? Since I visited the guys at Hema in Amsterdam for their press day (covered here), I've been obsessed with the brand ever since. You can literally find everything in their stores - from stationery to food, to beauty! On one of my most recent visits, I picked up these polishes after I'd been on the hunt for some earthy tones for a while. 

In particular I'd been searching for a khaki coloured nail polish but as you can imagine its not a very popular nail colour. Nonetheless, I found one and was super stoked. Here it is pictured on my nails below; 

 I'm wearing the long lasting nail polish in 'brown' I think, which as mentioned is a khaki colour. I'd really love for Hema to name their polishes specific names to make them easier to find on the website rather than using generic names as my polish is labelled with a number only. Any who, I've applied two coats of this polish without a topcoat (can you believe it) and have used some false nails from Kiss (acrylic style french tips). These nails have been on for a week already and seem like they'll last a while longer... I'll keep you updated.

At only £2.50, these polishes are great value for money, quality is good and the packaging is just how I like it - simple and instagrammable haha. 

Buy the beige polish here - Shade #857

Buy the khaki polish here - Shade #853

Find your nearest HEMA store here

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