Pantone Khaki Green - Zeena Xena

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 London, UK

Guess who's back at it again with another #ootd? I've been really enjoying shooting these looks and seems like you guys have to so will definitely be doing some more of these. Again I'm back with another detailed dress that I absolutely love and makes me feel like a mermaid and is very reasonably priced. As always all shoppable links can be found below and if you have any questions feel free to tweet me @zeenaxena :) 

 Dress - click > Glamzam
Shoes - La Moda (out of stock) Find more colours on click >  Public Desire
Jacket - click > Boohoo
Sunglasses - Quay Australia

I want to do more 'same' colour outfits! What colours would you love to see me in? Leave a comment below :) 

Pantone Grey - Zeena Xena

Tuesday, 8 March 2016 London, UK

 As you've probably realised my new thing is to dress all matchy matchy. I remember promising myself I'd leave my matching days behind (matching coloured tops to your shoes/laces back at school? Yup that was me lol), but more recently I've been loving putting together pieces with the same sort of hues. My even more recent thing is to match my outfit with doors when taking photos for the blog *covers face*.

 (Outfit details can be found below)...

Currently I'm loving the brand Pretty Little Thing, everything is on trend, affordable and just overall gorgeous. I've noticed more and more of my clothes are coming from there - so if you're ever wondering about something I'm wearing, it's probably from there.

I love taking dresses that one would wear on a night out and 'day timing' it up, just to show how we can take bodycon dresses from night to day and still remain a little classy ;)

Use my links below to directly shop the items featured in this post. All photos are by :)

Boots - Public Desire
Bag - La Moda (currently not on the site)
Sunglasses - Ebay 

As always, let me know what you think of this outfit and what you'd like to see next on the blog! Thanks for reading lovelies x

Prom Dress ft Goddiva - Zeena Xena

Friday, 4 March 2016 London, UK

Let me just say something... This was probably the hardest #OOTD I've ever had to shoot in my entire life as it was SOOOO cold :'(. If you've ever been around me you'd know that my eyes water like crazy and so getting some good pictures without me blinking, crying or complaining proved difficult haha. However, I did manage to get a few photos of one of the most beautiful dresses I own gifted to me by the lovely people at Goddiva

Prom season is fast approaching and this dress is ideal for the occasion. This particular dress is figure hugging, hits the floor and will definitely have heads turning - something every prom queen wishes for! The bow detail on the bum is really what caught my eye when selecting a dress from the website. So when looking for a prom dress find something that you really like such as; the fit - want something figure hugging? Go for a bodycon sort of dress, the colour - pinks, whites and blues are great for prom, the detail - sequins, bows, lace... They're all a thumbs up from me!

Details for this dress can be found below. 

The link to this dress can be found here (£58), it comes in other colours and a shorter length. Also this dress may seem a little darker in person than what's on the monitor. 

Let me know what you think! Where would you wear this dress to? 

What I Wore to London Fashion Week

Tuesday, 1 March 2016 Brewer St, United Kingdom

This London Fashion Week season I only managed to get to one day full of shows due to actually attending with a nasty flu, but somehow still managed to soldier on. I don't want to ramble on too much in this post, however just wanted to share some of the pictures on my blog! Included are the links to all the items I work :) 

All photos by
Bodysuit - £10 / here (currently on sale for £8)
Skirt - £10 / here
Coat - £30 / here
 Boots - £34.99 / here

Just want to say a huge thanks to Maybelline for inviting me to hang out in their lounge, Pretty Little Thing for dressing me & to Ego for these fantastic boots that everyone loved! 

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