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Friday, 5 February 2016 London, UK

Hey guys! 

So last year I did a post titled 'Shit Bloggers Say' and within that I promised I'd bring you a second post relating to the shit companies say & do! I promise this one will be 10x funnier, may make you cringe, however the intent is to educate brands on blogger etiquette and to show bloggers how much their worth - never let anyone undermine you!

Over the last few years I've had companies really take the piss in terms of working with me and my blog, my community too believe or not. Even some of the leading brands out there use bloggers for exposure yet when you ask for a favour in return all of a sudden they've gone MIA - hey this is a point already! Again as I mentioned to my readers in my last post, if this post offends you I guess you've ended up in the wrong place - this blog isn't for you! 

Anyway let's get started...

1. "Hey we enjoy reading your blog" - Stop right there. Firstly, the company in question didn't even stop to take a look at my profile on the right hand side of my blog to figure out my name, (literally takes no time at all), secondly what is it that these brands love about my blog seen as they don't mention anything in specific? I'm afraid these sort of emails end up in zi SPAM folder! 

2. "Hey Zaineb we love your blog and would love for you to enter our competition" - You know where I'm heading with this right? When companies want you to write posts on them (including links & images) for you to be entered into a draw for potentially winning whatever it is they're offering. No disrespect to companies who have contacted me personally with this sort of offer but I have been blogging for a long time now, I know my worth! 

3. "We'd love for you to review our products and recommend any bloggers you feel who'd love to do the same" - Now looking at this innocently, it's cute right? A brand wanting you to review some of their products and potentially offering some of your closest blogger friends the same deal. Looking at this from a business perspective however, why the heck am I doing a job you're getting paid for? I mean I can but I'd need to be paid a fee for that, mate.

4. When an international brand contacts you wanting you to feature the products and cover shipping costs... HAHAH just no. 

5. When companies don't want to pay you for 1) Taking pictures of their products or reviewing a service (ex: a restaurant.. travel charges etc) 2) Writing 500-1000 words on their product/service 3) Pushing the content via social media constantly 4) Generally making sure they're happy via email communication. Companies out there if you're reading this, kindly take note of how much time and effort us bloggers put into our craft... It's not easy especially if you're doing it consistently. 

6. When you work hard on a post, #ootds in particular and don't get featured on any of the brands social medias. This doesn't annoy me personally (as I understand there's a process to getting featured), but I do also get why bloggers complain about this literally every week. Some brands do definitely favour popular bloggers over many others and will literally post any of their photos ex: a dusty mirror pic over some bloggers pictures taken in Kensington for example. This seems like an ongoing battle :/

7. When a company plans a meeting with you, ya'll have the meeting and discuss all these amazing ideas only for the company to go quiet after a while. This is one of the things that REALLY annoy me, I honestly hate even putting any energy into things that don't fall through later on. 

8. When you finish an assignment for a company and they don't pay you on the scheduled date... Not only is this annoying but when you communicate with them and they're like no we'll pay you the next week... And basically you just give up on ever being paid... Yeah that. 

9. When your favourite PR girl leaves a brand you've been working with for a while and you have to deal with the stuck up (I won't say it) that has taken her place. Ohhh why does this happen? Why do all the amazing people leave? This is how brand > blogger relationships are ruined! I know you gals have to move up in the world... But we prefer to deal with you!

10. & Finally the funniest to me; When you post an #ootd or beauty post featuring some items from the company you're working with and they select the worst of the uploaded photos on to their social medias! Hahaha this one always kills me.

Make sure you leave a comment below to let me know which of the above made you laugh! Also if you'd like to see more posts like these on my blog, again let me know - I LOVE writing these :)


  1. I do think as bloggers sometimes we don't know our worth. We don't know when to charge or how much to charge. I know from experience I've asked you for advice lol. So this post is funny and helpful. :)

  2. Or 'Dear Friend' hahah, great post hun!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. Guurl every point you've mentioned has happened to me! Why are companies so bull crap sometimes! & WHY do they choose ugly pics over amazing photos?..... I dont even understand! You go girl! :D these points should be used as guidlines for brands on 'how not to behave'! Loooool

    Serene |


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