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Wednesday, 3 February 2016 London, UK

Hey guys! I haven't put up a fashion post in a while and wanted to share a little casual outfit style with you. Often I'm sharing more dressy outfits, when really on a daily basis I live in basic tees, jeans and either over the knee heeled boots or some sort of trainers! I think when blogging its important to show a diverse side of you but also keep it real with your readers. Many a time, I come across bloggers that I've seen a few times in real life who portray themselves on the internet completely different to how I've seen/met them in real life. This is something I've noticed happening a lot more lately and I really don't want to fall into that stereotype, so again I'm sharing a more casual style outfit as I'm not always dressed up! 

All details can be found below... 

Hooded Top - H&M

Jeans - Gap

Shoes - Topshop

Bag - LYDC

Sunglasses - Ebay 

Earrings - New Look 

Nails - Elegant Touch 


  1. Love a good casual OOTD! Looking good!


  2. I like that you keep it real! I never dress up for my posts. If I have the camera on me then i might take photos or not! Mrsinlondon.co.uk


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