Get New Years Ready With Clothing You Already Have

Thursday, 31 December 2015 London, UK

So I've seen all these bloggers do wonderful posts about their year and how much they've progressed etc which I think is great, however there are some things I feel like I don't have to share on the blog. I also feel like we as bloggers put so much pressure on ourselves to blog about things that other people are writing about, to talk about something first or to simply fit in a hashtag. This isn't always the case, but when I round it up like that, to me it just sounds sad. So... you won't see me writing about my year of blogging or goals for 2016 because a) If you've followed me and my journey this year you'll know everything that has happened and b) well let's face it who actually sticks to their goals when written down? (not me haha). 

Anyway the purpose of this post is to show you how to get New Years ready with clothing you already have. Again, I've seen all these posts about purchasing x, y and z especially for new years but I know there will be some of you out there that have left it far too late to go shopping or simply don't have the spare cash lying around. So me being me (the nicest person you'll ever meet) I've put together this particular outfit for NewYears Eve or any other special occasion. Details on how to replicate can be found below, enjoy! 

I love a dark outfit esp during the Winter season because they are soooo simple to work with especially when using accessories and bold makeup. Starting off with the dress, I think I've had this one for about 2/3 years now and it was bought off ebay for about £12. There was a point in time where I had a thing for deep plunged dresses but hated the price tag that these boutiques would do them for so opted for the cheaper option - eBAE!. Although I think this dress is great, I wouldn't say that the fit is AMAZING..the boobage area needs to be taped (I didn't in these photos) and I feel like a belt looks so much better with it. This particular belt I bought again from ebay for about a fiver, another timeless piece that just adds a hint of class to a slightly risqué dress.

Steal my look; Okay so you're at home thinking "What am I going to wear tonight... I have no clothes I'm doomed". Stop right there. Firstly, let's rummage through your wardrobe. Find a few LBD's (Little Black Dresses), belts, body chains and any other accessories to go with. Next step; Try all your dresses on, checking for which one you feel most comfortable in and which flatters your body the most. Final step; Accessorize! Whether it be a waist belt, body chain, necklace I want you blinging. If your dress is super plain/baggy at the waist, I'd recommend using a waist belt to mask this. If your LBD has a lot going on such as glitter/gems, I'd recommend accessorizing with a fur scarf over the shoulder and/or a box clutch that is just as glamorous! 

Remember, if you're keeping your top half (dress/two piece) plain then you can experiment with different types of shoes in terms of style and colour - just have fun with it. 

If you're heading out in the cold you'll obviously need a coat. Keep tones warm by choosing browns, khakis and beiges - these colours are bang on trend and compliment all skin tones.

Hope I've helped in some sort of way! If you happen to use any of the above tips tonight or at a later date do let me know :) 


  1. This post is super helpful for anyone who's going out because some people spend a lot of money! You look stunning girl, lovely dress! xx

    Jasmine ||

  2. Mmm could you literally be anymore perfect. You are on FIRE in these photos (well, as always!) I am so loving your hair dark too. Can I just be you please? ❤️
    Bee |

  3. I really like the shoes & gold belt! 😍

  4. This is stunning, Love the addition of camel with black. How have I just found your blog?! New follower babe - happy Friday! xx

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