Dirty Bones Kensington Launch New Brunch Menu

Wednesday, 9 December 2015 London, UK

Last Sunday, I was invited down to Dirty Bones in Kensington to join the team and other bloggers for a 'Dirty Brunch' in true American style. You know me, I love my food so couldn't say no to this one haha! So I hopped on the underground on a Sunday and headed for the bar/restaurant. The journey was short for me and the walk from the station, less than 5 minutes. Alisha and I met up outside and in true bestie style went into the venue together where we were greeted by the lovely PR team, bar staff and bloggers. We were then seated at our tables.

First off, we introduced ourselves to the bloggers surrounding us (we were seated next to some really lovely people). Then myself and Alisha got to catch up for a little bit before she went off to partake in a Bloody Mary masterclass. If you didn't know, I don't drink any alcohol so sat out on this one, Alisha seemed to be having a great time however haha. I took this time to engage in conversation with the PR responsible for Dirty Bones before Alisha returned to her seat. Drinks were served and again as I don't drink I was offered with a non-alcoholic cocktail - let's just say I asked for something sweet and fruity and I got this bomb.com drink that I keep thinking about (I had three btw).

Okay so on to the actual menu!

First up; Green Cheese & Slow 'N Low Toastie

Let's face it, I'm a fussy eater. I don't eat pork, I don't eat red meat and occasionally eat chicken (well I rarely cook it at home but it's the first thing I'd order at a restaurant). I can't tell you how the Slow 'N Low Toastie tasted but the Green cheese one is something that I definitely want to recreate at home. It's basically a normal cheese toastie using sour dough bread and has avocado stuffed inside, Alisha did say she preferred this one.

Benedict Burger & Chicken & Waffles 

Again I didn't get to taste the burger but the fried chicken, waffles and maple syrup were highly anticipated. I've seen so much hype around the whole chicken and waffles thing but haven't had this on the top of my to try list to be honest. At first I must say, I thought it was a weird combo as I hadn't put the maple syrup on top of the waffles or chicken, but then I thought to myself no it needs some sort of dressing to accompany it so drizzled the maple syrup on top of course and my oh my. Just AMAZING. I'll definitely be trying this again!

Milk & Frosties & Banana Toblerone-Tella Waffles 

When we had finished eating, I had totally forgotten about dessert :O If you know me, you'd know that at restaurants I can rarely do a dessert, like I don't even try because I know I'll probably be sick haha. So I only managed to try the Milk & Frosties because I was that stuffed. Again it's something I've never heard of but a combo that is just soooo tasty. The white bowl you see below simply consisted of sweet milk panna cotta which really complemented the frosties.

The new Brunch menu at Dirty Bones can be found at both their Kensington and Kingly court branches, with bottomless prosecco available at Kingly Court. The Brunch menu is available from 12-5pm on a Saturday & Sunday and is priced at only £15pp.


  1. The food looks absolutely amazing!!


  2. The food looks amazing and so diverse too. It just might, just might be as good as the Middle Eastern cuisine that I have been enjoying lately :)


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