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Monday, 23 November 2015 London, UK

So I'm back to posting normal posts now all my holiday ones are over *sad face*, I'm seriously missing the sun and shocked at this cold weather. Like what even? Anyway, on the plus side this means I can focus on my usual posts to include; beauty, fashion & lifestyle which you'll see a lot more of! Anyway today I bring you a review, which honestly I don't do much of so this is clearly something that I really really like. 

Right, so a few months back I had come across this subscription box by My ChocobelleIt was the first of it's kind that I had seen to dedicate a box specifically for 'women of colour'. The box features popular skin, hair, nail and other cosmetic products whilst also introducing you to niche beauty brands. I'm not into the whole monthly subscription box hype to be honest with you... I mean I can't even remember my last subscription? Actually I can, back in 2013 or something when I was ordering the You Beauty & Glossy Boxes haha. However, I was intrigued with this box as I knew that the products included in the box would be well suited to my hair, skin tone and texture! That my friends is true, here's what was included in one of the recent boxes: 

From left to right; Cantu coconut oil mist - Oh my, this product has to be one of my favourite discoveries of 2015, no seriously. I've stopped using Cantu for about two years now (no idea why) and since I've taken out my weave this has helped with de-tangling and hydrating loads. Whenever this is done, I'll be sure to purchase another! 

Technic Natural Lashes  - Lately, I've been so into false eyelashes in comparison to a few months ago when I couldn't even apply them haha. These ones by Technic I think are a bit more darker and fuller than my other natural ones but I am definitely keen to give them a go!

Isa Marie Skincare Cherry Lip Scrub - Again another great discovery. I have the driest lips especially during winter months which is highly annoying. As soon as I wake up my lips are flaky so this scrub is perfect for helping me to prep before I apply any sort of lip colour. To seal I received the Malibu Lipcare Balm in watermelon, this lip balm is so smoooth and let's face it, who can resist a bit of wadaaamelon hey?

The Last full sized product I received was the Shea Butter Cottage African Black Soap. I've known this brand from my natural hair blogging days, however, don't think I've tried anything from them truth be told. In the past though, I have tried this soap in its purest form which was a go to in our household when I was going to school. If you didn't know, this soap helps with things like discolouration, scars from acne, exfoliates and can also be used on hair as a shampoo. I also received a few other hair and beauty samples which I'll be using on my pamper days! :) 

Worth the £12? My verdict YES! Like this subscription box better than the others? Make sure you visit My Chocobelle Box here. One off boxes / £12.00 - Christmas box / £15.00

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