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Monday, 26 October 2015 London, UK

Recently, I was invited to the Astral bloggers lunch at the Covent Garden hotel to celebrate over 60 years of the beloved brand and a new-ish product, yes you heard correct! I was the first in the hotel (a breakthrough as I'm always late for events haha) and was met by some other fabulous bloggers. We were taken down to the Lyric room in the hotel and had the chance to be introduced to the rest of the team where we all got chatting. 

After our hand massages and skin hydration tests (I need to drink more water btw), we were then seated with the lovely Katherine Peterson who is a qualified beauty therapist and skin consultant. Katherine works with 100s of products and educates people in areas such as: skin hydration, skin conditions and ageing etc. She gave us loads of handy tips on how to better take care of our skin and some handy facts including; '59% of us prefer using a multi-purpose beauty product' as we are clear on the benefits such as the many ways we can use them. Did you know that these were the many ways you could use Astral Original, all of which have been tried and tested in and out of the lab:

* As a body cream 
* After sun/to prolong tan 
* Night cream
* Hydrating mask
* Makeup Primer 
* Nail treatment 
* Cracked heels 
* Lip Primer 

& much more! I was so surprised listening to the many ways Astral can be used and to hear that they have not changed the formula of the product for 50+ years. I mean a product that doesn't have to change in a world that's forever changing is incredible - just goes to show how much the consumer is satisfied with the product. Whilst all this was being discussed we were tucking into a three course meal which was delightful. Myself & Alisha were truly stuffed haha and had another foodie event later that evening eeek.

A big topic at the table was the Afro Caribbean community and how they've endorsed Astral for many years now. My mother and grandmother for example have previously used this as a staple for years on and off and I've seen this passed down to generations in our family. It was really comforting attending an event that my family had some link to, in terms of using the product and to hear that others felt the same too. I haven't been to an event so intimate like this in a while, but I definitely think this was a great way to educate and get us bloggers engaging - brands if you're reading this take notes! 

Now on to the new-er product which is 'Astral Soft' - Available at Superdrug. This product is perfect for those of you who prefer creams in a tube opposed to a tub and is perfect for all sized handbags. 

Compared to the Astral Original, this cream is more water based which allows for the product to rub into the skin well and distributes the active ingredients into the skin thoroughly. Popular ingredients include Aloe Vera, Vitamin E which help hydrate, regenerate and protect skin from damage and dryness. As we transition into even more cooler months, this cream is a must for any woman's handbag - let's not forget the scent too slightly different to the original. I'll leave the rest as a surprise ;). Astral remains a brand loved by many and so affordable with creams starting at just £1, if you haven't tried any of the products mentioned I urge you to purchase and take the multi-product challenge - meaning you'll use the original cream in many different ways.

That's it for now, let me know how you get on! 
Is Astral more than just a moisturiser to you? Don't forget to hashtag #MultiDutyBeauty in your astral posts on twitter and instagram. 

Speak soon xoxo

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