5 Annoying Things Bloggers Do & Say

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 London, UK

Let's face it, as bloggers there's always going to be that one blogger/non-blogger even brands, that finds you totally annoying. I mean we do rant and rave about Starbucks, lipsticks, pets and food all day... What do we expect? haha! So, I've decided to compile a list of annoying things that I feel us bloggers do (I may be guilty of some), in the hope that I can make someone laugh, these annoying bloggers stop and as a warning to newbie bloggers. Let's get cracking! 

1. Shameless promoting; Okay we've seen you tweet your post, we've clicked on the link, read the post and maybe even given you some feedback. Everything is cool, until you post it 10 minutes later and then again uncountable times throughout the day. I mean why? Just why - this is spam! 

2. Interfering; When a brand comments on how great you are via twitter and suggests you collab together. The next thing you know a blogger that you follow tweets the same company suggesting they should work together. I mean... hello? Slow down a little mate. 

3. Pretending they don't recognise you at events; Haha this is the funniest! Have you ever been to a bloggers event and seen bloggers that tweet you pretty much all the time yet pretend they don't recognise you? Then, to top that off they go home and tweet something like "OMG can't believe I missed @zeenaxena at the event tonight *crying face* hashtag #gutted" - erm... why? I thought you didn't recognise me?

4. Bragging; Okay so I'm sure we're all guilty of this one, sometimes when we share our achievements it can come across a little 'braggy' but who cares right? I just find it so annoying when I'm in group conversations with bloggers (not naming anyone) and they're constantly bragging about their designer handbag they recently bought with the money they have recently earned through blogging. Ok, we get it... it's a great thing... but let's not make this conversation all about you thanks!

5. Follow & unfollow; Last but not least..... oh this annoys the hell out of me. I get the "so and so is now following you" notification from someone I thought was already following me. This happens to me every week, one just today actually. I honestly don't follow every twitter user back because I actually like to see the content that the people I follow post, and let's face it some people's feeds are just pretty boring! 

Ok I have to give you a BONUS! You know when bloggers rant and rave about opportunities they didn't get and exclaim they are upset because they have a bigger following so apparently work harder? HAHA! Again, it's not all about you so let's move on. 

I could go on all day because I get pretty much annoyed at everything haha but that's it from me, for now anyway ;) 

What are the things you find most annoying from bloggers? Or are you guilty of any of the above? 
Leave your thoughts below :) 

* If my post has caused any offence, this blog isn't for you. 

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  1. Teehee very funny and so true especially number 5 gets old really fast! Loved the post..good to make fun of the blogging world once in awhile. Life need not be so serious:)


  2. Omg you crack me up hahaha! This is so true though. X

  3. Number 5 is very true! I get so many notifications saying someone followed me then get it again a week later. Clearly wanting my attention and want a follow back! Ah, annoying! xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Totally agree with you on all this! (I've been meaning to work out the aligning photos with text thing for a long while, you've reminded me to start that as it drives me crazy and just haven't had the time to do it - yes, I was off having a baby and never felt like apologising for not posting!)


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