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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Blogging Gals Re-Launch - Opportunities for Bloggers

Hey guys, as you can probably tell I have some good news! Since launching and closing the previous Blogging Gals website, I've decided that it's time to come back stronger than ever. Let's take it back to when I first started. So one day I was just talking to a friend on Whatsapp basically annoyed that a lot of 'smaller bloggers' get overlooked simply because they don't have the following yet in most cases have really good content. I mean how many times have you been knocked down just because you don't have above 10k+ followers? Or you're not the 'look' the brand are going for... Yup I've been there. So I decided to set up a community just on twitter with the aim of providing bloggers and start-ups with the opportunity of being seen through an RT service - no matter how many followers you have, and whatever your race, size and whatever else. I wanted my brand to epitomise the definition of "community" and togetherness. I wasn't the first to start this sort of service but I set out with the aim of being different to the rest by becoming the face of my brand. Long story short, a year and a half later Blogging Gals has become one of the most popular communities for bloggers to use on twitter within the UK and is growing tremendously on a global basis. 

Today we stand above 26,000 followers on twitter alone which for a number of months has been managed by myself. However, Blogging Gals is growing so fast and I realise that this is not a one man job - hence why Karishma from Beneath The Brush and Jasmine from Jasmine Harding Makeup have joined the social team (they're awesome make sure you follow them). It doesn't end there though. I'm looking for consistent, reliable and confident #BloggingGals to fill some of the roles listed below. As much as I love reading your emails, I'm swamped when I put a call out like this on twitter so thought my blog would be the best place. All you have to do is comment below with the opportunity you're interested in + a link to your blog and share this post hashtagging #BloggingGals on twitter. I'll then contact all of those I feel suit my brand. Good luck! 

**UPDATED** 12//1/2016

Social team

* 4 x bloggers for Twitter & Instagram, As our social media followings continue to grow so does our current social team of 4! This is one of our hands on roles where bloggers are required to represent Blogging Gals across the web accordingly. Interested in this role? Please ask for more details... If you love people this is definitely for you :)

* 1 x blogger for Pinterest & Tumblr, You should have a love for pictures, meaning great photography on your blog and great eye for detail . We want you to pick the best photos across the web before anyone else does.

* 1 x blogger for Periscope & Snapchat (must be attending events regularly and lead an exciting life to keep our following entertained)


* 1 x Features editor/PA, responsible for; managing editors, overseeing content, organising meetings (the ideal candidate will live in London, be highly organised and speak & write well) < You will be working very closely with me on ideas across the Blogging Gals website therefore you must have a lot of time on your hands.

* 4 x Digital Editors, responsible for; developing content for all things digital, SEO etc (Your posts will be located in our tips section)

* 10 x Fashion Editors, responsible for; forecasting new trends, keeping up to date with celebrity culture, attending press days and parties etc (the ideal candidate/s doesn't just post #ootds he/she features collaborations, new launches and keeps up with luxury fashion as well as high street)

*10 x Beauty Editors, responsible for; featuring new launches, attending events and reviewing products

* 10 x Lifestyle Editors, responsible for; anything really you could be talking about technology (new apps/gadgets) to homeware so the ideal candidate/s will be open and ready to write about all categories

* 5 x Health, Food & Drink Editors, responsible for; creating healthy recipes, reviewing products and restaurants

* 2 x Travel Editors, responsible for; reviewing hotels & spas across the world (the ideal candidate must own a travel blog, write well + have good photography)

* 3 x News & Entertainment Editors, responsible for; creating content in relation to everything TV & Radio. You could be writing about Awards ceremonies, TV shows and so fourth. Be warned, this position will not be an easy ride. You may find yourself awake at 2am writing about celeb bust ups - "Miley what's good?" haha. 

My vision for the Blogging Gals website is still the same but I'd like to use the website as a space for bloggers to bring their talents together, offer opportunities for bloggers/start-ups and create something almost like an online magazine. I expect all bloggers to be strong in their fields, hard-working, consistent with the ability of posting on average 1-2 posts a week... (if you can't commit to this please do not apply for any of the above opportunities). I am open to international bloggers providing you have good connections within your country of residence and writing skills (please include where you're based within an email). >

The above opportunities are not paid, however all team members will be featured on our website with their position + blog link and will receive opportunities first hand before anybody else! You'll also be able to attend exclusive events in your field on behalf of Blogging Gals which in turn will boost your profile (trust me it really does). 

Your blogs; Must look good in terms of layout/photography/writing style, you must represent yourself across your social media accounts accordingly and you must be able to bring some fresh ideas to the table. Who knows where this opportunity could lead you?

If you think I've missed a category where you feel will be beneficial to Blogging Gals, please get in touch -

Think I've rambled on enough now! Hope you are as excited as I am guys :)