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Saturday, 12 September 2015 London, UK

On Wednesday I was invited down to the Joan Collins Timeless beauty event along with blogging gal Karishma from beneaththebrush. We all know who Dame Joan Collins is and I mean who wouldn't be excited to go and join her for cocktails and browse her very own makeup range? So, I made my way to the insanely beautiful Clarence Suite at the Claridges Hotel  in London and had the chance to preview some of the collection pictured below;  

At a first glance I was impressed with the packaging, prior to this event, I hadn't really seen any of Joan Colins' makeup range so this had me like "oooh" haha (reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury at a better price point). I was pleased to see the variety of shades in the First Base Foundation collection. From the cool to warm range both include fair, medium and darker tones. Sadly, I didn't get to swatch the foundation however Karishma did and she really liked the dewy texture and light finish it had. If you head to the website, you can find more information on what tone will tone/colour you are. 

So this mirror I absolutely fell in love with - again very impressed with the packaging. Often, it's hard to get away with blingy items without making them look tacky, however; the shape, the way the diamonds have been encrusted and the printed logo combined make this mirror more of a luxury one.

Now let's not forget about skincare! You can browse the collection of skincare products here

On to my favourites! Lipsticks and glosses. You probably know that when it comes to makeup I'm a sucker for lipsticks... I think that without lipstick your makeup look is not complete. Like it should be illegal not to wear lipstick in my opinion haha. If I remember correctly, my favourite lipstick was called 'Lady Joan' which I did swatch it's a cross between a pink and a purple (raspberry) and crazy amounts of lasting power. Even when you wipe it off it leaves behind this beautiful tint and gives the impression of fuller lips. I was told that this is actually Joans favourite lipstick ;) get in there Zaineb! 

Last but not at all least, a new scent that I am very happy to have discovered 'I am Woman' which is a reflection of Joans' personality. With a blend of citrus, musk, wood and floral notes, this scent is a real firecracker! I was a bit sceptical about trying this scent as at the first sniff I did find it a bit strong however, once settled into the skin, I did get the floral and musky notes which somehow got into my hair and had it smelling sweet the next day haha!

Have you tried any of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range? I can definitely spot some great Christmas presents within the range and even little gifts for myself. I'll definitely be shopping with Joan in the near future!

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