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Wednesday, 19 August 2015 London, UK

Hey guys! So if you've noticed, more recently my blog has undergone some serious changes. I've completely changed my layout, made it a bit easier for you to find what you’re looking for on Zeena Xena and have been doing a few posts that provide guidance for bloggers at all levels. These changes have helped my blog grow rapidly in the last few months and the feedback I have been given has been incredible, thanks to you, the reader. More recently, I have been in conversations with friends about my brand who have stated that I should perhaps work on doing some workshops for bloggers. My instant reply: “Me?....I hate speaking in front of large audiences, I’ll mess all my words up” or “But why would someone want to even come and hear me speak?”. To my understanding, through Blogging Gals I have become some sort of public figure that many bloggers trust and rely on (apparently haha), and so these thoughts from fellow bloggers really had me taken aback... I mean really?

Something that also got me was seeing my blogger babe Sheren from The Fashion Junkie who I hadn't seen in over a year. We talked about blogs, boys and fashion for ages where she stated the following;“I never miss any of your posts” and even quoted some key titles of recent and old posts even the one I did on depressionI almost cried re-reading this as it’s so personal and not something that I wanted to share, but at that moment in time I was at the end of my tether and did in fact move away for a month. Sheren really touched me just by letting me know that she, someone whom I value dearly actually reads my posts on a regular basis, so much so she made me think about the following even more;

How about starting your own blogger focused workshops Zaineb?

I still think I'm a bit loco for wanting to do these simply because I feel that I’m the worst at public speaking; however I know I have a lot of relevant information to share and think this is the perfect way to do so. We don’t always want to sit down reading long blog posts on various topics, and sometimes it’s not as easy to take information in, therefore I have figured workshops would be the best way to share what I know as these are so interactive. 

I feel like that there is so much negativity in the bloggesphere as of latey and so creating a positive atmosphere whilst getting educated together is the best way to move forward. This would be my own thing, I’ll use my network to promote these workshops of course but I want people to really get to know me as a person as well as what I have to offer – and FYI this will not just be targeted at women only.

I’d mainly like to focus on topics already discussed on the blog but in greater detail, for example:

·         Effectively promoting your blog
·         Bad blogging practices
·         How blogging can benefit your personal life
·         Striving for success through blogging
·         Creating friendships through blogging & much more!

I’d also love to have open debates like how we do on twitter when we’re involved in chats, and talk about things away from ‘blogging’ but perhaps things that affect it such as:

·         Home life
·         Stress/Depression/Anxiety or anything else
·         Work
·         Lack of motivation and anything else!

I’m hoping for all workshops to be held in a permanent venue in London, complete with refreshments & goodies. I will also consider going to other towns and cities figuring venues are not too much of a task and numbers are at a decent level. 

Before I start any of this however, I really need your feedback guys! Is this a good move? How much would you pay to attend something like what I’ve mentioned above? How would you like this to be presented? (classroom style – presentation > audience or more natural?). Any thoughts you have, please share them below :)

Also it'd mean the world to me if you could share this post on twitter using the hashtag #ZeenasPowerShop


  1. Great idea! I love the in-depth tip and tricks idea and having chats about things other than typical blogging things.
    I think you should go for it and if you can do other areas that will be even better :D

    Good luck!!

    Bex x

  2. Great idea! I think price will depend on where you hold the workshops and casual audience style would be nice. Go for it!

  3. This is a super brilliant idea Zaineb!! I would so be there for your workshops. I think carrying out presentations would be good because people would be able to focus more and it would be clearer. It would also be nice if there were some activities here and there so that people can mingle and have extra fun. I'm excited for you!



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