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Sunday, 9 August 2015 London, UK

Hey ya'll, hope you've been having a fab weekend so far! I wanted to do this post as I thought it's be something that perhaps all of us could relate too and just a change from the usual serious blog posts really. 
How often do you see something on social media from another blogger and think "haha I do that too" or even think "wow bloggers are crazy" - happens often right? Allow me to have you in stitches with the Shit Bloggers Say. These are some things that I have observed over many years and not in anyway intended to offend anyone. I do also have some quotes from fellow bloggers so give their blogs a little click after you've done reading my post! 

Okay let's get started...

1. "No wait before you take a bite... let me get a quick snap" or 2 or 4... or 10 minutes down the line you're still snapping away and truly annoying your non-blogger friend haha 

2. "Oh my God I have no clothes" despite raiding closets/drawers and completely covering your floor in clothes 

3. "I need a good red lipstick" even though you've probably purchased a new one every month without fail. There's always room for a new red lippie right? 

4. "I can't be bothered to proof read my post again, nobody will mind if there's a few spelling mistakes, right?" Hands up who does this? I must admit this was me about two years ago! - by Grace Wood

5. "Ugh I wish I could blog full time... I'm so done with my normal life" 

6. & then those who blog full time say: "I'm often asked when I'll get a 'real job' LOL" 

7. "Can I bring a +1?" - You'll know this too well if you happen to attend events frequently 

8. "I hate blogger cliques" then somehow ends up hanging out with the same group of bloggers for entire blogging life haha

9. "We had this topic last week" - Yep all those moany bloggers that moan about the same topics instead of politely saying "I think I'll miss this one because....." 

10. "Omg my blog has grown so much" aka has gained 5 followers 

11. "Nails on fleek, hair on fleek, eyelashes on fleek.. everything on fleek" - I think bloggers ruined the whole 'fleek' thing for me

12. When a company posts about wanting to work with bloggers, bloggers be like "Ooooh this sounds interesting I'd love to hear more" then their friends clock on and tweet the same and all of a sudden there are a bunch of indirects floating about. I must say, I'm most amused by these sort of tweets

13. Bloggers that have been about for like 10000000 years be like: "I've been blogging for 10000000 years, I know what I'm doing"

14. "I can't use it until I've taken some photos for my blog" How many of you have left a product unused for ages just because you're waiting for the right moment to take pics for le blog? I'm guilty! - by Sheren

15. Youtubers be like: "I wonder if this is enough for a haul?" - by Renee

16. When shopping bloggers be like: "But it would look so perfect in a blog photo" (non-bloggers are always confused by this one) - by Sam 

17. "Let's go here (as in spot with perfect lighting/background) because the photo will be soooo good" - by Aimee

18. "I'm so busy this weekend, I have to stay in create content, edit pictures and promote my blog posts" 

19. When taking photos: "Let me just arrange these products.. (runs around house looking for props) - these dead petals will do right?" 

20. & last but not least, something all of us may have said in the past: "I love blogging, it's helped me gain confidence, I've seen my skills improve and most of all I've made life long friends". I think this is really beautiful. So many people out there are going through different things and to think that the internet could improve health and the ability to just get on with everyday life is just incredible. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post! Please comment below with the 'shit' (excuse my language btw) you say or what you've seen others say. Also would you like me to do a 'Shit Companies Say' post? I think this would be hilarious.. would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Haha this made me lol a lot, so true though. I've had to keep so many things before using them! And I have at least 10 red lippies!! Xxx

  2. Haha! Thank you for using my quote! It is totally true, I buy so many 'cute' things just to have them in the backgrounds/sides of photos!

  3. Haha loved this! These are all so accurate

  4. FUNNY! Loved it!

  5. Hehe this did make me giggle! I am guilty of quite a few of those things, oops! I often say "I'm just going to take a few photos for my blog" then like 1 hour later I'm still doing it saying I'll "just be a few more minutes", and usually, I never am! xx

    Jasmine ||

  6. This is all SO true haha!
    Jabeen x


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