Zeenas Pizza Tour - Homeslice, Neal's Yard

Sunday, 23 August 2015 Neal's Yard, London WC2H 9DP, UK

For a while now, I've had my eyes on this little spot called Homeslice which is set in the most stunning places I've seen in London. Prior to finding the restaurant I literally had to stop and just look at my surroundings because it was my first time visiting Neal's Yard (shocking). I loved it so much that I came back two days later for some - which was yummy! Peep my Instagram ;) 

So as you may know the pizza game is pretty competitive right now. You no longer have to go to fancy Italian restaurants to munch on some of the best tasting pizza, but instead, event organisers are now providing small businesses with the opportunity of selling goods at festivals or street markets. Something similar to how Homeslice started; the team behind the brand hand-built a wood fire oven and started selling pizza off a stall in East London, shortly after they found themselves in this beautiful place! 

The thing that really got me about Homeslice was both the slices of pizza for £4 and 20" pizzas. I've never had a 20" pizza before and my oh my - I was blown away by the quality which I'll explain a little below. For now, you can drool over the menu... 

Upon entering I was shocked at how busy the place just after 2pm, however it was just lovely to see everyone so relaxed, enjoying great company and good food.

I got to go behind the scenes to witness how the pizza is made, and was thrilled to see how fresh all the ingredients were. Most things had just been chopped and unlike many other pizzerias the dough is made fresh in store each and every day. 

After a delightful chat with Rachael, head of marketing at Homeslice myself and Jessica from Look What I Got decided to go half and half with our pizzas. She opted for a Margherita and I went for the Caramalised onions, Kalamata olives and Anchovy - I'd not really seen caramalised onions (normally red) on a pizza before so wanted to give it a go! 

The pizza was so big! I did struggle taking these gorgeous pictures for you haha, but in the end I managed. The pizza came on a chopping board, and we were equipped with our own pizza cutter and paper plates. This saves time in the kitchen in terms of cutting and washing - which I think is a fantastic idea, and for the customer even better as your pizza will come out quicker.

 I was shocked at how soft and thin the pizza was yet filling - kind of reminded me of a crepe. I was able to fold the pizza in half (I love doing this) and ate it like a crepe actually - the texture was perfect again light, soft and chewy - in a good way. My side of the pizza was bursting with flavours so if you're wanting to have a party in your mouth - go for this!

Again the pizzas are large but the quality is just like or even better than pizzerias who make smaller pizzas and as a result are able to focus on the taste even better. Making 20" pizza is a tricky task, but these guys know what they're doing and they do it pretty damn well!

So we were down to the last slice in Homeslice terms, however for me these would amount to three. As much as we loved the pizza, we truly turned into pizza goblins and I just couldn't stomach any more - but as I'm sat here writing this post I'm wishing I had that slice right now :'( 

Not to worry! You know why? Homeslice are opening up a new store in Fitzrovia and you're invited! On Saturday 29th of August (12-11pm) and Sunday the 30th (12-6pm). You can pop down for 50% off pizza which is £10 for a 20" pizza or £2 per slice - great for those of you who want some quick lunch prior to heading to Notting Hill Carnival. 

Address: 52 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3PR 

Don't forget to tweet me @zeenaxena telling me where you've been for pizza lately using #ZeenasPizzaTour within your tweet - I could be heading there next ;) 

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