Everything 5 Pounds Review - Fringe Tassel Jacket & Boho Vibes

Saturday, 15 August 2015 London, UK

Hey guys, 

Just wanted to do a quick review on an order I made a few weeks ago. Now if you don't know already I am the ultimate bargain hunter, clothes, holidays, days out - you name it, I'll find it haha. I'd known about Everything 5 Pounds for a while know as they follow me on twitter and I'd come across them a few times on google. However, I was very hesitant to make an order with them as I thought their clothes would just be really cheap stuff that you wouldn't consider buying. I was rest assured when friend Vanessa made an order and messaged me saying; "OMG Zaineb I actually received clothes from new look, topshop, primark etc". I was shocked to say the least as I thought their clothes weren't even branded! 

A few months later I made an order of about 7 items and out of those 7 I only found fault in one of them. An oversized top that really shouldn't even be sold as it's just a piece of cloth badly sewn (this product can be found by clicking here). I'm not slating the company in any way at all just want to make you aware that some pieces may not be up to standards so just analyse products properly. Moving on part of my order was this lovely top and jacket that scream 'festival ready' - here are some pictures;

Excuse my hair btw - it was raining so I took shelter and decided to take pictures. Right so I've been on the hunt for a tassel jacket for ages now and the one I wanted from Boohoo has been out of stock for nearly a month. Coming across this for only a fiver literally made my day, couldn't believe my luck! Paired with this bell sleeved top both items scream boho vibes on a budget - I mean £10 for both items? You can't go wrong gals. 

Everything5pounds.com also do a select range of curve clothing, menswear, children's clothing, homeaware and toys! 

Purchase top here

Purchase jacket here

What do you think of the website? Will you be making an order with Everything 5 Pounds? Leave your comments below: 

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