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Sunday, 16 August 2015 London, UK

 Oh boy... what a night this was. Can I just say probably one of the most EPIC events I've ever attended! As a blogger I've never had so much fun in my entire blogging life haha. Honestly, I've been to many events in my years of blogging but none have been as fun as this one at Drink Shop Do.

Allow me to explain...
Credit - Alexa Loy

So myself and a few of my blogger friends popped along to Drink, Shop do a short walk away from Kings Cross Station and were greeted by the lovely staff members. We then walked up a small amount of stairs and were seated together amongst a room full of people. Now, I've been to really busy events before but for a birthday party.. I was really shocked at how many people were there to celebrate, the vibe was just incredible!
Drink Shop Do Cafe

As we were seated we were handed a sheet of paper and were told we only had a few minutes to build something out of lego. After eyeing up the afternoon tea (we missed the majority of it as we were late) and eating heaps of sweets we then went onto building our lego...

Afternoon Tea

Considering we only had a few minutes I think this is pretty good, meet tribot
Next activity was musical bingo which was probably the highlight of my night. The DJ was to play some old school 90's tracks and we then had to tick off the songs we had heard playing. As you may know.. I absolutely LOVE 90's music so this was my time to shine. Songs were playing and before you know it, I had completed a whole row of songs winning the prize below...

Yes, all of those sweets are mine! Next, we headed to the nightclub within the cafe and danced away before heading back home, I had a brilliant night and it was great to see some familiar faces. I'd love to host an event here myself for my #BloggingGals as I think this little cafe/nightclub is so quirky & unusual, with so much to do under one roof. Take a look at DSD's website here for upcoming events or to book afternoon teas - you'll never experience anything like it!

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  1. Stunning!! This 5th birthday party was outstanding. I am so impressed with every detail and how creatively they have decorated the place. You know dear I am also going to launch my new business and for the inauguration party I have reserved one of the most beautiful event rooms for rent in Florida.


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