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Saturday, 22 August 2015 London, UK

Goodness! It's been such a busy month for me... looking at my calender I've had very few rest days but I can honestly say I am loving life and grateful for every single opportunity given to me right now. One being Dolly Rockin' It's popup store in the cutest little venue. I was lucky enough to bring along four of my Blogging Gals with me to experience the shop before anyone else had the chance to! Ladies I can sat this little store is most certainly a bloggers paradise. Peep the entrance and imagine filming here... 

So upon arriving I got chatting to a few bloggers and Renee of Dolly Rockin' It. We'd spoken a few times previously but it was so nice to meet her in person just to get some knowledge about her brand and why she started. Renee told me that before she'd gotten into fashion she was a celebrity nail technician, explains why so many celebrities are so into DRI - Katie Price for one LOVES the brand. Renee had originally started off as a boutique offering high street type clothing to her customers, as you can imagine competition at the time and still now was fierce - as a result Dolly Rockin It was born. 

Drawer from Sparkle Homes. 

You'll find that Renee's clothing is simple jumpers and t-shirts with 'The Dolly Rockin' It' logo on and even a dolls head (similar to barbie) which is the side profile of the founder herself and in her words: 

"With a bigger nose and lips..'cause you know, that's me" I loved this statement haha! 

Dolly Rockin' It stock clothes from baby sizes right up to size 22, which is bloody incredible for a small business owner like Renee is incredible, as many global brands find it difficult to stock such a range of sizes. Let me add, all the jumpers and t-shirts pictured below are actual American Apparel Stock, and comes complete with your choice of coloured bow for you to clip on to your top or jumper.

To add to the glitz 'n' glam of the brand, DRI also stock accessories such as the popular pom pom charms and jewellery that you can find in many hight street retailers for a fraction of the price.

All the decor pictured above are by Sparkle Homes and the barbie dolls are courtesy of Renee's children (the one pictured above I'm told is the result of not being able to find Barbie's clothes - oops haha).

All guests were treated to nails, slushies and the option of a spray tan was there too. Thanks to the  team for making this happen last Sunday and again to all the lovely bloggers who attended. 

Dolly Rockin It currently trade from social sites such as Facebook & Instagram but will be working on a website soon! To shop visit their page here

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