Zeenas Pizza Tour: Pizza Pilgrims, Soho

Wednesday, 5 August 2015 London, UK

Here's the moment you've all been waiting for! My second instalment of #ZeenasPizzaTour (woohoo). If you missed my first post on what this is all about you can catch it here.

Anyway my second stop; Pizza Pilgrims - a pizzeria founded by two brothers (Hi James) who like me, love pizza! After some extensive research I decided that Pizza Pilgrims had to be next on the list. I took my next #PizzaGoblin Elodie to the restaurant where we were greeted by the lovely staff. We then headed on downstairs and were seated at our table right next to a mirror (kerrrching - selfie galore). The vibe was just great, they were playing some 'chuuuuuunes' that had me like "ooooh yaaas", The 50's style decor was just beautiful and relaxed - makes a real change from your average 'modern' pizzerias that are fast paced rushing everywhere. This spot is just sublime! Check this out, they even have a foosball table in a private dining room for larger groups. The idea is that whilst waiting for your food, you can have a game or two and then eat on top of the table. How cool? Perfect pit stop for a lads night out!

 Our waiter, came over to introduce himself & the menu - he was very friendly and explained everything to us pretty well. We told him we were here to review Pizza Pilgrims and went on to discussing blogs before making an order . Makes me so happy to hear that more people are wanting to get into blogging, especially in an environment like this. 

So first up we ordered the mixed Italian olives (having a good 10 minute chat about olives prior to giving them the go ahead - I'll have you know, us gals take our food pretty seriously). We then went on to ordering our pizzas & flat-bread. Something I thought I wouldn't really like; the rosemary, garlic & parmesan flat-bread (mainly because of the rosemary), but I must say these flavours meshed together really well, creating something special - almost like an explosion of awesomeness in my mouth! The dough aka perfection, is made using one of the finest flours shipped to the UK from Naples which makes for soft, fluffy pizza dough! 

On to zi pizza, so I opted for a DIY Pizza as you do.. I really wanted to go for the Smoked Napoli but I had something similar at my last spot. I decided to create my own pizza with: garlic, black olives, basil and sweetcorn on a Margherita base - the garlic making this pizza taste very unique, something I've not had as a pizza topping many times before. The garlic used was very fresh, so if you're after something to tantalise your taste-buds this is the topping to go for! Elodie, opted for the Salami Pizza (I think) - which she managed to gob down way quicker than me haha (proves how good it is). I love the fact that the chefs aim to get pizzas out to you in just 3 minutes and 30 seconds from when the waiter gives the chef the order. This makes for the perfect spot before heading to the theatre or a night out on the town for example.

Next on the list was Nutella Pizza... YES! Can you believe? All my dreams in one place. Sadly I didn't get to try this as I was stuffed and had to head off to the Debenhams Press Day. I'm definitely going back just to try this, however, I mean I go through a jar of nutella a week.. it'd be rude not too right? 

To conclude, I most certainly recommend this place to all of you out there reading this. As well as great food, the staff really do make dining here a pleasant experience - oh & its very affordable! 

Check out the menu here there are many options for specific dietary requirements. So who'll be my next #PizzaGoblin?

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  1. Sounds and looks amazing! I'm always looking for new places to try and I will definitely add this to my list. Liked your diy pizza!


  2. Love Pizza Pilgrims! but I have to say that my favourite is Homeslice ;)


  3. Looks delicious! I will have to try it! xx


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