Neal's Yard, Covent Garden

Sunday, 23 August 2015 Covent Garden, London WC2E, UK

This is probably the most pointless post on my blog, I didn't want to talk too much but basically I've fallen in love with London, Neal's Yard to be more precise. 

All I can say is, go there.. fall in Love and let me know when you have :) Enjoy the unedited photos, all outfit details can be found below. 

Jacket - H&M 
Jeans - H&M 
Bag - H&M 
Shoes - Primark 
Top - Primark

Zeenas Pizza Tour - Homeslice, Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard, London WC2H 9DP, UK

For a while now, I've had my eyes on this little spot called Homeslice which is set in the most stunning places I've seen in London. Prior to finding the restaurant I literally had to stop and just look at my surroundings because it was my first time visiting Neal's Yard (shocking). I loved it so much that I came back two days later for some - which was yummy! Peep my Instagram ;) 

So as you may know the pizza game is pretty competitive right now. You no longer have to go to fancy Italian restaurants to munch on some of the best tasting pizza, but instead, event organisers are now providing small businesses with the opportunity of selling goods at festivals or street markets. Something similar to how Homeslice started; the team behind the brand hand-built a wood fire oven and started selling pizza off a stall in East London, shortly after they found themselves in this beautiful place! 

The thing that really got me about Homeslice was both the slices of pizza for £4 and 20" pizzas. I've never had a 20" pizza before and my oh my - I was blown away by the quality which I'll explain a little below. For now, you can drool over the menu... 

Upon entering I was shocked at how busy the place just after 2pm, however it was just lovely to see everyone so relaxed, enjoying great company and good food.

I got to go behind the scenes to witness how the pizza is made, and was thrilled to see how fresh all the ingredients were. Most things had just been chopped and unlike many other pizzerias the dough is made fresh in store each and every day. 

After a delightful chat with Rachael, head of marketing at Homeslice myself and Jessica from Look What I Got decided to go half and half with our pizzas. She opted for a Margherita and I went for the Caramalised onions, Kalamata olives and Anchovy - I'd not really seen caramalised onions (normally red) on a pizza before so wanted to give it a go! 

The pizza was so big! I did struggle taking these gorgeous pictures for you haha, but in the end I managed. The pizza came on a chopping board, and we were equipped with our own pizza cutter and paper plates. This saves time in the kitchen in terms of cutting and washing - which I think is a fantastic idea, and for the customer even better as your pizza will come out quicker.

 I was shocked at how soft and thin the pizza was yet filling - kind of reminded me of a crepe. I was able to fold the pizza in half (I love doing this) and ate it like a crepe actually - the texture was perfect again light, soft and chewy - in a good way. My side of the pizza was bursting with flavours so if you're wanting to have a party in your mouth - go for this!

Again the pizzas are large but the quality is just like or even better than pizzerias who make smaller pizzas and as a result are able to focus on the taste even better. Making 20" pizza is a tricky task, but these guys know what they're doing and they do it pretty damn well!

So we were down to the last slice in Homeslice terms, however for me these would amount to three. As much as we loved the pizza, we truly turned into pizza goblins and I just couldn't stomach any more - but as I'm sat here writing this post I'm wishing I had that slice right now :'( 

Not to worry! You know why? Homeslice are opening up a new store in Fitzrovia and you're invited! On Saturday 29th of August (12-11pm) and Sunday the 30th (12-6pm). You can pop down for 50% off pizza which is £10 for a 20" pizza or £2 per slice - great for those of you who want some quick lunch prior to heading to Notting Hill Carnival. 

Address: 52 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3PR 

Don't forget to tweet me @zeenaxena telling me where you've been for pizza lately using #ZeenasPizzaTour within your tweet - I could be heading there next ;) 

Dolly Rockin' It Pop Up London

Saturday, 22 August 2015 London, UK

Goodness! It's been such a busy month for me... looking at my calender I've had very few rest days but I can honestly say I am loving life and grateful for every single opportunity given to me right now. One being Dolly Rockin' It's popup store in the cutest little venue. I was lucky enough to bring along four of my Blogging Gals with me to experience the shop before anyone else had the chance to! Ladies I can sat this little store is most certainly a bloggers paradise. Peep the entrance and imagine filming here... 

So upon arriving I got chatting to a few bloggers and Renee of Dolly Rockin' It. We'd spoken a few times previously but it was so nice to meet her in person just to get some knowledge about her brand and why she started. Renee told me that before she'd gotten into fashion she was a celebrity nail technician, explains why so many celebrities are so into DRI - Katie Price for one LOVES the brand. Renee had originally started off as a boutique offering high street type clothing to her customers, as you can imagine competition at the time and still now was fierce - as a result Dolly Rockin It was born. 

Drawer from Sparkle Homes. 

You'll find that Renee's clothing is simple jumpers and t-shirts with 'The Dolly Rockin' It' logo on and even a dolls head (similar to barbie) which is the side profile of the founder herself and in her words: 

"With a bigger nose and lips..'cause you know, that's me" I loved this statement haha! 

Dolly Rockin' It stock clothes from baby sizes right up to size 22, which is bloody incredible for a small business owner like Renee is incredible, as many global brands find it difficult to stock such a range of sizes. Let me add, all the jumpers and t-shirts pictured below are actual American Apparel Stock, and comes complete with your choice of coloured bow for you to clip on to your top or jumper.

To add to the glitz 'n' glam of the brand, DRI also stock accessories such as the popular pom pom charms and jewellery that you can find in many hight street retailers for a fraction of the price.

All the decor pictured above are by Sparkle Homes and the barbie dolls are courtesy of Renee's children (the one pictured above I'm told is the result of not being able to find Barbie's clothes - oops haha).

All guests were treated to nails, slushies and the option of a spray tan was there too. Thanks to the  team for making this happen last Sunday and again to all the lovely bloggers who attended. 

Dolly Rockin It currently trade from social sites such as Facebook & Instagram but will be working on a website soon! To shop visit their page here

Want to book a group of Blogging Gals for your next event? E:

#ZeenasPowerShop - Workshops For Bloggers

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 London, UK

Hey guys! So if you've noticed, more recently my blog has undergone some serious changes. I've completely changed my layout, made it a bit easier for you to find what you’re looking for on Zeena Xena and have been doing a few posts that provide guidance for bloggers at all levels. These changes have helped my blog grow rapidly in the last few months and the feedback I have been given has been incredible, thanks to you, the reader. More recently, I have been in conversations with friends about my brand who have stated that I should perhaps work on doing some workshops for bloggers. My instant reply: “Me?....I hate speaking in front of large audiences, I’ll mess all my words up” or “But why would someone want to even come and hear me speak?”. To my understanding, through Blogging Gals I have become some sort of public figure that many bloggers trust and rely on (apparently haha), and so these thoughts from fellow bloggers really had me taken aback... I mean really?

Something that also got me was seeing my blogger babe Sheren from The Fashion Junkie who I hadn't seen in over a year. We talked about blogs, boys and fashion for ages where she stated the following;“I never miss any of your posts” and even quoted some key titles of recent and old posts even the one I did on depressionI almost cried re-reading this as it’s so personal and not something that I wanted to share, but at that moment in time I was at the end of my tether and did in fact move away for a month. Sheren really touched me just by letting me know that she, someone whom I value dearly actually reads my posts on a regular basis, so much so she made me think about the following even more;

How about starting your own blogger focused workshops Zaineb?

I still think I'm a bit loco for wanting to do these simply because I feel that I’m the worst at public speaking; however I know I have a lot of relevant information to share and think this is the perfect way to do so. We don’t always want to sit down reading long blog posts on various topics, and sometimes it’s not as easy to take information in, therefore I have figured workshops would be the best way to share what I know as these are so interactive. 

I feel like that there is so much negativity in the bloggesphere as of latey and so creating a positive atmosphere whilst getting educated together is the best way to move forward. This would be my own thing, I’ll use my network to promote these workshops of course but I want people to really get to know me as a person as well as what I have to offer – and FYI this will not just be targeted at women only.

I’d mainly like to focus on topics already discussed on the blog but in greater detail, for example:

·         Effectively promoting your blog
·         Bad blogging practices
·         How blogging can benefit your personal life
·         Striving for success through blogging
·         Creating friendships through blogging & much more!

I’d also love to have open debates like how we do on twitter when we’re involved in chats, and talk about things away from ‘blogging’ but perhaps things that affect it such as:

·         Home life
·         Stress/Depression/Anxiety or anything else
·         Work
·         Lack of motivation and anything else!

I’m hoping for all workshops to be held in a permanent venue in London, complete with refreshments & goodies. I will also consider going to other towns and cities figuring venues are not too much of a task and numbers are at a decent level. 

Before I start any of this however, I really need your feedback guys! Is this a good move? How much would you pay to attend something like what I’ve mentioned above? How would you like this to be presented? (classroom style – presentation > audience or more natural?). Any thoughts you have, please share them below :)

Also it'd mean the world to me if you could share this post on twitter using the hashtag #ZeenasPowerShop

Drink, Shop Do's 5th Birthday - Zeena Xena // A Lifestyle Blog

Sunday, 16 August 2015 London, UK

 Oh boy... what a night this was. Can I just say probably one of the most EPIC events I've ever attended! As a blogger I've never had so much fun in my entire blogging life haha. Honestly, I've been to many events in my years of blogging but none have been as fun as this one at Drink Shop Do.

Allow me to explain...
Credit - Alexa Loy

So myself and a few of my blogger friends popped along to Drink, Shop do a short walk away from Kings Cross Station and were greeted by the lovely staff members. We then walked up a small amount of stairs and were seated together amongst a room full of people. Now, I've been to really busy events before but for a birthday party.. I was really shocked at how many people were there to celebrate, the vibe was just incredible!
Drink Shop Do Cafe

As we were seated we were handed a sheet of paper and were told we only had a few minutes to build something out of lego. After eyeing up the afternoon tea (we missed the majority of it as we were late) and eating heaps of sweets we then went onto building our lego...

Afternoon Tea

Considering we only had a few minutes I think this is pretty good, meet tribot
Next activity was musical bingo which was probably the highlight of my night. The DJ was to play some old school 90's tracks and we then had to tick off the songs we had heard playing. As you may know.. I absolutely LOVE 90's music so this was my time to shine. Songs were playing and before you know it, I had completed a whole row of songs winning the prize below...

Yes, all of those sweets are mine! Next, we headed to the nightclub within the cafe and danced away before heading back home, I had a brilliant night and it was great to see some familiar faces. I'd love to host an event here myself for my #BloggingGals as I think this little cafe/nightclub is so quirky & unusual, with so much to do under one roof. Take a look at DSD's website here for upcoming events or to book afternoon teas - you'll never experience anything like it!

Everything 5 Pounds Review - Fringe Tassel Jacket & Boho Vibes

Saturday, 15 August 2015 London, UK

Hey guys, 

Just wanted to do a quick review on an order I made a few weeks ago. Now if you don't know already I am the ultimate bargain hunter, clothes, holidays, days out - you name it, I'll find it haha. I'd known about Everything 5 Pounds for a while know as they follow me on twitter and I'd come across them a few times on google. However, I was very hesitant to make an order with them as I thought their clothes would just be really cheap stuff that you wouldn't consider buying. I was rest assured when friend Vanessa made an order and messaged me saying; "OMG Zaineb I actually received clothes from new look, topshop, primark etc". I was shocked to say the least as I thought their clothes weren't even branded! 

A few months later I made an order of about 7 items and out of those 7 I only found fault in one of them. An oversized top that really shouldn't even be sold as it's just a piece of cloth badly sewn (this product can be found by clicking here). I'm not slating the company in any way at all just want to make you aware that some pieces may not be up to standards so just analyse products properly. Moving on part of my order was this lovely top and jacket that scream 'festival ready' - here are some pictures;

Excuse my hair btw - it was raining so I took shelter and decided to take pictures. Right so I've been on the hunt for a tassel jacket for ages now and the one I wanted from Boohoo has been out of stock for nearly a month. Coming across this for only a fiver literally made my day, couldn't believe my luck! Paired with this bell sleeved top both items scream boho vibes on a budget - I mean £10 for both items? You can't go wrong gals. also do a select range of curve clothing, menswear, children's clothing, homeaware and toys! 

Purchase top here

Purchase jacket here

What do you think of the website? Will you be making an order with Everything 5 Pounds? Leave your comments below: 

Updated Skincare Routine - Zeena Xena // A Lifestyle Blog

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 London, UK

How often do you find it hard to come across daily skin combination that leaves your skin feeling clean, nourished and spotless? All the time right? Yup I've found it super hard to find the right combination of products to suit my skin. 
How happy would you be to know that I have found the perfect routine for all skin types, that will do no harm to your bank balance? Super happy right?! Without further ado, let me introduce the amazing products I've been using on a daily basis. 

Dove Beauty Cream Bar - £2.69* x 4
Now, I've been using this soap for ages. I just love it - it's been a part of my routine for a while but for some reason I just hadn't purchased this for a few months. I think it could be due to the fact that I was over-using face washes, however this is back in my life and routine, helping my skin to remain cleansed, smooth and fresh smelling.  

Garnier Micellar Water - £3.33* 400ml
So I did a review on this a few months ago which can be found here. I use this after I've come out of the shower to cleanse & refresh my skin. I also use this to remove dirt & makeup as it works like a magnet doing so (one of the best makeup removers especially for sensitive skin), I cant wait to purchase the full size!

Olay Essentials - £5.99* 200ml
I have to thank my mum for this one, she's been raving about this product for a number of years. Again, I use this on my face (& neck) in the morning, applying about one 'squeeze' onto a cotton pad. Olay has been used by women all over the world to help improve skin texture, adds a healthy glow and quenches thirsty skin. This has really helped improve my skin in the way it look and feels, I definitely recommend giving this a purchase.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil - £4.99* 250ml
As if I couldn't fall in love with this brand any more. They've only just gone and bought out a coconut oil which is cold pressed. I'm pretty sure you know all about the benefits of coconut oil and it's amazingness so I'll save you the dreaded extra long paragraph haha. Again, I use this before bed to hydrate my skin and even use to remove excess makeup such as mascara (especially when I've applied a lot). I have one another big tub of this goodness especially for cooking & oil pulling - definitely one of my favourite products of 2015. 

Savlon Antiseptic Cream - £2.18* 30g
Now I don't use this on a daily basis as you know antiseptics can be quite harsh on the skin, however I do like to use this cream on the odd spot that pops up (pun). The antiseptic kills bacteria, helps fight infection and decreases the size of the spot just with one use, so the next time you get a large zit on your face - Savlon will save your life! 

I hope this post helps those of you out there wanting to change your skincare routine, comment below if you'll be purchasing any of the products mentioned. 

Shit Bloggers Say

Sunday, 9 August 2015 London, UK

Hey ya'll, hope you've been having a fab weekend so far! I wanted to do this post as I thought it's be something that perhaps all of us could relate too and just a change from the usual serious blog posts really. 
How often do you see something on social media from another blogger and think "haha I do that too" or even think "wow bloggers are crazy" - happens often right? Allow me to have you in stitches with the Shit Bloggers Say. These are some things that I have observed over many years and not in anyway intended to offend anyone. I do also have some quotes from fellow bloggers so give their blogs a little click after you've done reading my post! 

Okay let's get started...

1. "No wait before you take a bite... let me get a quick snap" or 2 or 4... or 10 minutes down the line you're still snapping away and truly annoying your non-blogger friend haha 

2. "Oh my God I have no clothes" despite raiding closets/drawers and completely covering your floor in clothes 

3. "I need a good red lipstick" even though you've probably purchased a new one every month without fail. There's always room for a new red lippie right? 

4. "I can't be bothered to proof read my post again, nobody will mind if there's a few spelling mistakes, right?" Hands up who does this? I must admit this was me about two years ago! - by Grace Wood

5. "Ugh I wish I could blog full time... I'm so done with my normal life" 

6. & then those who blog full time say: "I'm often asked when I'll get a 'real job' LOL" 

7. "Can I bring a +1?" - You'll know this too well if you happen to attend events frequently 

8. "I hate blogger cliques" then somehow ends up hanging out with the same group of bloggers for entire blogging life haha

9. "We had this topic last week" - Yep all those moany bloggers that moan about the same topics instead of politely saying "I think I'll miss this one because....." 

10. "Omg my blog has grown so much" aka has gained 5 followers 

11. "Nails on fleek, hair on fleek, eyelashes on fleek.. everything on fleek" - I think bloggers ruined the whole 'fleek' thing for me

12. When a company posts about wanting to work with bloggers, bloggers be like "Ooooh this sounds interesting I'd love to hear more" then their friends clock on and tweet the same and all of a sudden there are a bunch of indirects floating about. I must say, I'm most amused by these sort of tweets

13. Bloggers that have been about for like 10000000 years be like: "I've been blogging for 10000000 years, I know what I'm doing"

14. "I can't use it until I've taken some photos for my blog" How many of you have left a product unused for ages just because you're waiting for the right moment to take pics for le blog? I'm guilty! - by Sheren

15. Youtubers be like: "I wonder if this is enough for a haul?" - by Renee

16. When shopping bloggers be like: "But it would look so perfect in a blog photo" (non-bloggers are always confused by this one) - by Sam 

17. "Let's go here (as in spot with perfect lighting/background) because the photo will be soooo good" - by Aimee

18. "I'm so busy this weekend, I have to stay in create content, edit pictures and promote my blog posts" 

19. When taking photos: "Let me just arrange these products.. (runs around house looking for props) - these dead petals will do right?" 

20. & last but not least, something all of us may have said in the past: "I love blogging, it's helped me gain confidence, I've seen my skills improve and most of all I've made life long friends". I think this is really beautiful. So many people out there are going through different things and to think that the internet could improve health and the ability to just get on with everyday life is just incredible. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post! Please comment below with the 'shit' (excuse my language btw) you say or what you've seen others say. Also would you like me to do a 'Shit Companies Say' post? I think this would be hilarious.. would love to hear your thoughts!

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