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Sunday, 19 July 2015 London, UK

Okay so basically you've entered jewellery heaven, no seriously you have! I was so pleased when the babes over at My Flash Trash got in touch with me because I had been eyeing up some of their pieces for a while. I first discovered My Flash Trash through Blogging Gals, they'd always like the pictures I'd upload on instagram (FYI love super social brands) and so, I'd done some stalking and instantly fell in love. 

A few weeks ago the brand launched in London's very own Topshop with a selection of flashy/trashy products curated by 20 of London's most inspiring women (they should have called me right? haha maybe one day!). Here are some photos of the piece I received:

I was sent the 'file missing' bangle which pretty much sums up my laptop - 'get a new one' haha! The bangle is gold plated with two microns of gold, has 3 adjustable closing points to fit wrists of all sizes and features 11 holes ready to be filled with charms. The bracelets and bangles on the website range from £28-58, you can choose to buy a set or custom make your own via the website - how cool?! I love the fact that the bangle is so comfortable, literally wore it for hours the other day and had no problems with it making my wrist feel uncomfortable/sweaty like many others do. Take a look at the website here and browse their sassy products!

I have my eye on the rose quartz charm and so many other charms to fill my bangle up. Which ones are your favourites? 


  1. Look at the flick of the wrist! that bracelet is everything

  2. This is so pretty and so different for a charm bracelet. It's hard to find anything other than Pandora sometimes! The little robot is so cute!

    Katie <3


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