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Saturday, 4 July 2015 London, UK

How do I get invited to blogger events? I get asked this question a lot and I mean rightly so, when you become a blogger this is natural. You want to attend events, meet other bloggers and connect with brands so I'm here to give you the information you rightly deserve. 

Identify Why You Want To Go To Events
First things first you need to identify why you want to attend events. I think that people miss out on asking themselves this question and honestly, it's a very important one. If you're in it for the long-term, don't just make it about the freebies. You should want to set in mind that actually attending events plays a crucial part in building your brand. 

In the beginning, I just wanted to go to events to meet people really, taking it from online to real life. Often I'd see the same people I've previously met at other events where we just built a good bond from seeing one another time and time again. Now I go to events because I've spent years building my personal brand, and want to further it even more by getting to meet the people behind the companies and other bloggers. It's always important to remain humble in your journey. I love making friends with newbie bloggers and helping them. We can all learn from each other! 

Content Is Key 
I say this all the time. Before reaching out to companies, ensure your blog is worth looking at by building up your content up and brand. No point in reaching out to loads of companies with barely any content, your requests won't be taken as seriously. Keep building your blog like a portfolio so you can provide examples of your work, this will get companies really excited as they'll see exactly what you can offer them.

Build Your Online Presence 
Let's not forget that content is not just about your blog, your social medias matter too. Be consistent with your tweets, snapchats, instagram stories you name it so your audience can really connect with you and companies can get a feel of what you're about. I find that when I'm posting more on social media such as instagram/instagram stories; a) I receive more engagement and b) believe it or not companies get in contact with me a lot more. Remember with tools such as instagram stories, your content is pushed out even further and is suggested to those who have visited your page previously or interact with pages similar to yours. 

Be Bold; If you see a company follow you or liking your content and you'd like to be in an attendance of an upcoming or future event, let them know!

If you get invited to an event...

On The Day of/Post event 
Once your at the event mingle as much as you can and post what you deem relevant. Gone are the days where you have to worry about ruining your instagram feed thanks to snapchat and instagram stories - waheyy! Choose content that you feel will convey the brand's personal message and your thoughts too. It's always good for your audience to know the honest truth about what you involve yourself in - especially if you didn't have a good time. You can do this post event too.

The final step would be to send the PR/company a thank you email for accommodating you, I find that this is the best way of creating great relationships with companies and can promote further opportunities with them! 

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  1. Great tips, but I swear tip #1 (at least if you're from UK) is to live in London. It's such a nuisance being a lonely little blogger all the way up in Scotland with most of the action taking place down south! Haha.


  2. I think building relationships is even more important than attending events, although the two go hand in hand - it's so nice to meet people in person, be it a brand manager, a great chef or another fellow blogger!

    Extreme Housewifery

  3. Hey Zaineb,

    I' like to say you are doing an amazing job. You're blogpost have really helpful to me as a newby blogger. I am now more active on Twitter and am taking the necessary steps to improve my blog and how I present it.
    I love fashion and I am developing a new found love for beauty after so many years of being a mummy, it's nice to research, find and try the products in the market. I enjoy blogging because it gives me a sense of fulfilment.
    Once more, thank you. X


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