Blogger Tips: How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

Thursday, 30 July 2015 London, UK

I've wanted to do this post for a while now because I believe there still many of us who may not see how important the use of twitter is when it comes to blog marketing. Twitter, often ranked highly in social media reports has the ability of pushing your blog to the next level. I think that without this outlet my views would be quite low because most of my readership come from there and I find being highly ranked in google quite hard. 

So today I'm going to teach you how to overcome the struggle slightly by promoting your blog via twitter... 

First impressions
Without realising it, your bio is the perfect example of how people will essentially get to know you alongside your tweets. It's important to make yourself stand out and sound interesting as this is the first thing someone will read when coming across your page. Try to include the following: 

* What you do
* Achievements (features/are you a founder/CEO?/awards)
* A link to your website/Linkedin or anything else that your're proud of 
* Your email, I cannot stress this enough!

Please remember, for companies/PRs to take you seriously you want to watch what you tweet as this could harm your 'brand'. However, you also want to remember how important it is to have a voice and that your twitter account is a projection of you. They key is just to have balance. I'd recommend keeping it as professional as possible, if you have opinions on current affairs etc just be sure that you're not offending people. I've seen this hurt so many people's personal brands. 

Promote Your Posts
So you've written a kick-ass blog post now you need people to see it? Well, Twitter is definitely your best friend. What I love about promoting on twitter is you don't even need to post new posts all the time, you can pull out posts from the archives and people still LOVE them! Just like this one, I wrote this in 2015 and you're still reading it today. ;) 

When promoting your posts, you can use URL shorteners such as or so you have more characters to use for tweets, don't forget to include relevant hashtags so your tweets can be seen - I usually use the #fbloggers and #BloggingGals hashtag. 

The Use of Hashtags
Moving onto hashtags. How many times have you used the #fbloggers #bbloggers #lboggers and many other hashtags in your tweets? Probably loads of times right? They're so good for helping to increase content exposure and can even boost your following. 

Do remember to interact via hashtags too, favourite and re-tweet posts of interest to you, this can help you build a loyal following easily.

#fbloggers = Fashion Bloggers
#bbloggers - Beauty Bloggers
#lbloggers = Lifestyle Bloggers
#tbloggers = Travel Bloggers
#fdbloggers = Food Bloggers
#prrequest = Use when you're looking for brands, magazines, journos, 
#BloggersWanted = Use when wanting to collaborate with bloggers

Engage With Others
It's all good blogging & promoting but what about engagement? Interacting with others is just as important. I tend to tweet bloggers and brands daily, catching up with them their content. This is key to building relationships online and shows people you're interested in them as much as you are in you. Participating in Twitter chats for example #fblchat which takes place every Tuesday is also a great way to instantly meet and interact with other bloggers all in the space of an hour!

Schedule Tweets
This has to be one of my favourite ways to promote my posts without having to be active on my twitter page. I use Hootsuite to schedule posts, however there are other tools such as Tweet Deck which is slightly easier to use (for beginners). I usually schedule tweets from 10am until about 8/9pm (every hour) depending on how much content I can find to share, I believe doing this has helped me double my overall page views in the past month.

Twitter Analytics
Last but not least, something that many of you may not be familiar with. The Twitter Analytics tool helps measure engagement rates and helps you understand what types of tweets work/don't work for your audience. This tool is now available for everyone and so it's something I'd recommend all bloggers use on a weekly basis. The stats in this can also help build your 'media kit' which you can find more about here 

So those are my tips of using twitter to effectively market your blog! If you have any that I've missed out on please leave a comment below :)


  1. Fab tips as always babe! I love the blogginggals hashtag ;)


  2. Amazing post! Just getting to use twitter now to promote my blog. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Great post! Do you have any tips on how to schedule tweets that include images and not just links to images? Think hootsuite turns them into an link? Xx

  4. Thank you for these tips, they were very helpful! I love using Twitter for my blog but I think these tips will really help me build it.


  5. Such a great post, thanks for all the tips! x

  6. Wow, so helpful! Thank you ♥

  7. Hi, I love the ideas. Definitely a great idea for a Newby blogger like myself.

  8. Buffer is also great for scheduling tweets! Great tips, babe. Def gonna share ;)


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