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Sunday, 28 June 2015 Soho, London, UK

Hey Gals & Guys! 

Hope you're all well this Sunday afternoon. It's not sunny here in London today but a nice chilled Sunday for me nonetheless. 

So. yesterday I met with blogger & friend Bumni from to have some dinner together. We met pretty close to where I live and due to the Pride London Parade (and me being so close to central) all the buses were terminating at Parliament Square. We had two options: a) hop underground and head straight to our destination b) enjoy the weather/walk and go with the flow. We went with the latter and filmed our little travels on Periscope (I went live for the first time) - It was sooo fun! With over 30 people tuned in to my first stream, I'll definitely have to plan some more. 

Anyway, so we walked through Parliament Square taking lots of pics on our way.. then to Trafalgar Square where loads of people were just hanging about after the Pride London Parade. We then jaunt-ed through Leicester Sqaure and then onto Soho where we found ourselves in the heart of the parade, one word AMAZING! Honestly, it was so nice to see everyone so happy.. women and men were just complimenting myself and Bumni all evening and we generally just met some lovely people. We also got street snapped for an online magazine as we were apparently 'super stylish' haha - that was cute!

Here's a few snaps of what I wore yesterday with specific details underneath the last photo:

 Trousers: A market in Victoria for about £10 (thanks mum!)
Vest: Primark - £1.40
Jean jacket: Topshop - £40
Shoes: Public Desire - £22.99
Bag: Primark - £8
Aviators: Ebay - £1.99 
Necklace: "Covent Garden" by Aura London


So on to the food. Bumni completely banned me from having pizza :'( can you imagine? So we strolled through Soho and ended up in Burger & Lobster. Upon entry the team were absolute babes! They were in a great mood due to the parade, singing and smiling throughout our stay there. Honestly this is what I love to see, people who are genuinely happy in their jobs. 
BTW I loved the food, my mouth was in a very happy place haha - £20 for Lobster, Salad, Sauce & Fries? I mean you can't go wrong! Everything was prepared and cooked so perfectly and was overall tasty. I'd definitely recommend the Soho branch, I think the food & service is way better than Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Oh if you're after a non-alcoholic drink make sure you try the orange cream soda!

On to a new venture that myself and Bumni have decided to join forces on... a blog together!!! You're probably thinking "How the hell does Zaineb have the time for all of this?", I often wonder the same and have no answer to your question - I just know it'll work. We've decided that we'd want to combine fashion with travel/hospitality and would love to know what you guys think? Honestly. let me know if you think it's a good/bad idea.. I appreciate any sort of feedback. Also names? We need a cool blog name haha. 

Right so I feel like I've rambled on so much in today's post but I hope you've enjoyed it! 

Speak soon x

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