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Friday, 1 May 2015

Hello girls and guys, I hope you've all been well. Sorry I've been a bit MIA on the blog lately I've been super busy, I do have some cool content coming your way over the next few weeks however so stay tuned.

So the other day I headed to the Anesis Spa Bloggers breakfast launching their new 30 minute blowdry menu which I think is a great idea. Clients are able to choose different styles from Anesis' menu ranging from sleek 'n' straight styles to plaited updos for the small price of £30. I was greeted by the lovely FOH (Front of House) team at Anesis Spa and the incredible ladies over at Lucy Dartford PR who make amazing blogger collaborations happen (make sure you're following them guys). As mentioned earlier the day was to consist of 30 minute blow dry's and manicures, sadly I didn't quite fit into the 30 minute category.. you'll soon see why at the end of this post haha. 

In true blogger style there were so many yummy treats for a few of the handpicked bloggers, my favourite was the quiche.. I have to know where it was from! So damn good. 

Throughout the day we were hydrated by Glo Juices I selected the 'After Glo' juice to go with my new hairstyle - which included pink grapefruit, orange, apple and ginger... mmmmm! 

The moment you've all been waiting for....*drum roll please* The lovely Claire did a great job on my hair. My hair was extremely dry and split due to poor maintenance after taking out my recent weave. Claire and her team treated, conditioned, washed, blowdryed and straightened my hair. As mentioned earlier on I didn't quite fit into the 30 minute category but that's simply because I have really thick hair. Nonetheless, Claire and Mauricio did a really good on this fro - I'll definitely be back! 

Please take a look at the Anesis website to browse all the current offers, men there's loads of treatments for you too. 

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