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Saturday, 25 April 2015 London, UK

To all the women who love heels and hate pain you've come to the right place! How long have you had to endure walking in heels for a long period of time - all because you didn't have enough space to carry some flats in your cute little clutch? Yes we've all been there and I have the perfect solution. 
Her name Rollasole...
Founded by Matt Horan, the brand initially came about when Matt decided that surely there was another way for his girlfriend (and many of us women in general) to return home without having to deal with 6 inch heel pain, or barefooted taxi rides home *eeek*.

So in aid of this review and for all you hot-steppers out there, I put these little shoes to the test and went to a salsa bar last weekend. I had a bloody BLAST and my Rollasole's helped save my crying feet. Seriously, I wore a new pair of sandal heels that were incredibly tight on the strapped front (just above the toes) and from dancing all night the leather was rubbing against my skin giving me all types of pain. So, out of my envelope clutch I popped on my Rollasole's and continued dancing for the rest of the night.. I then popped my heels in the bag provided and voila, you couldn't tell my feet were in pain (or that I was wearing heels prior). 

My shoes arrived in the box pictured above with the bag mentioned and pictured below. The bag is easily fold-able as are the shoes.... you literally just role away and can easy store in a medium sized clutch.
I wouldn't recommend wearing these for long periods of time (especially in London) only because the sole isn't thick enough so you can feel the stones and how cold the floor is when walking. I'll definitely be packing these on a regular basis and think these should be in all of our handbags this Summer! 

By the way these are totally affordable priced at only £9.95 with the cheapest staring at £7.95. 

You can purchase this exact pair here or browse the Rollasole collection here

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