Rollasole Review*

Saturday, 25 April 2015 London, UK

To all the women who love heels and hate pain you've come to the right place! How long have you had to endure walking in heels for a long period of time - all because you didn't have enough space to carry some flats in your cute little clutch? Yes we've all been there and I have the perfect solution. 
Her name Rollasole...
Founded by Matt Horan, the brand initially came about when Matt decided that surely there was another way for his girlfriend (and many of us women in general) to return home without having to deal with 6 inch heel pain, or barefooted taxi rides home *eeek*.

So in aid of this review and for all you hot-steppers out there, I put these little shoes to the test and went to a salsa bar last weekend. I had a bloody BLAST and my Rollasole's helped save my crying feet. Seriously, I wore a new pair of sandal heels that were incredibly tight on the strapped front (just above the toes) and from dancing all night the leather was rubbing against my skin giving me all types of pain. So, out of my envelope clutch I popped on my Rollasole's and continued dancing for the rest of the night.. I then popped my heels in the bag provided and voila, you couldn't tell my feet were in pain (or that I was wearing heels prior). 

My shoes arrived in the box pictured above with the bag mentioned and pictured below. The bag is easily fold-able as are the shoes.... you literally just role away and can easy store in a medium sized clutch.
I wouldn't recommend wearing these for long periods of time (especially in London) only because the sole isn't thick enough so you can feel the stones and how cold the floor is when walking. I'll definitely be packing these on a regular basis and think these should be in all of our handbags this Summer! 

By the way these are totally affordable priced at only £9.95 with the cheapest staring at £7.95. 

You can purchase this exact pair here or browse the Rollasole collection here

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Wellbeing, Motivation and Body Confidence.

Sunday, 12 April 2015 London, UK

Hey guys! 
It's been a beautiful week here in London, so beautiful in fact that I have been encouraged to start working out...Yes the sun has truly done this to me! I really wanted to share my journey so far with you today because over the passed year I've been so lazy, I mean since graduating I've barely kept up with a workout routine or any healthy eating plans. Determined to live a happier/healthier life, I'll be taking my well-being more seriously making a few changes which are listed below. 

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
- Vincent Van Gogh

Let’s discuss motivation. After a long week of feeling like crap back in March and I mean serious fatigue (literally walking up a flight of stairs unable to catch my breath for a while), I decided enough was enough and I needed to change some things. First of all, my diet. I'm sure you know by now that I'm a lover of food but can sometimes consume too much of the wrong things. I remember one week having oven foods (which I rarely consume) over and over again, then looking in the mirror and feeling absolutely disgusting. Why? I had been putting on weight, my skin was breaking out, nails super fragile, and as for my belly.. well I have now developed a triple roll when I sit down and God knows how much they get me down. Anyway, I decided to switch up my diet, drinking more water.. not skipping breakfasts any more and of course exercising. 

As mentioned above, I've completely stopped skipping breakfast. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that 70% of my tweets are about food so you can just imagine how ratty I am without breakfast. My typical breakfast when I have time would be a spinach omelette with a super berry smoothie or some banana pancakes, on a busy day I may have a naughty chocolate croissant or some sort of chocolate cereal *covers face* - I always say something is better than nothing. 

In terms of eating better, I'm gradually starting to satisfy my cravings with healthier alternatives. For example, this weekend my boyfriend and I have been making home made pizzas using tortilla wraps as the base. I usually crave pizza like every other day so for someone like me, this is perfect and super cheap! (I'll do a separate post on this sometime soon). As well as being BIG on pizza, I absolutely adore sweets and anything sweet really. Happy with the clearer appearance of my skin, I've ditched the gummies for fruit chews. YEP it's true. I love the Yu Fruit Chews and Bear YoYo's, honestly great for being naughty without actually being naughty as these are made out of pure fruit/juices and are one of your 5 a day! 

I guess you want to know what I've been doing right? Blogilates has been my inspiration. I love her youtube channel as she doesn't just focus on just working out but she always has some tasty recipes & cheats too. What's also great about her website is that she launches monthly workout calenders and sends them to her subscribers, there's also an app for focused workouts to pair with your calender. 

On a really busy day I use my 30 day challenge apps, these workouts are not so challenging but definitely have you working up a sweat and get harder as the days progress. 

Recommended: Try using the apps by Teer Studios or Jozic productions available via the play/app store.

Here's me trying to give you sexy whilst pretending to eat a apple decoration (haha). This is the state of my body right now, so not so toned any more and a little meaty on the leg area, however I am a work in progress and confident in my own body. 

I hope this post gives someone out there who lacks motivation a little oomph and for those who are not happy with their current lifestyle: Make small changes like; walking more, eating more fruit and of course keep hydrated.. in just a few days you'll see a big difference. 

Well until next time...

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Adventure Diaries #3 - Southbank Centre Market

Sunday, 5 April 2015 London, UK

Well hello there..and again Happy Easter! 

I haven't done an Adventure Diaries post in a while.. (tut tut) which is quite naughty of me. I hope to feature more in the next couple of months so do stay tuned. 

Right, so, a few weeks back Blake and I headed to the Southbank for a little stroll and came across this hidden gem right on our doorstep! Yes we are lucky enough to live just a walk away from some of London's prestigious landmarks - and my oh my do we make the most of it. We are foodies at heart so having the Southbank Centre Market so close to us is just perfect! 

Here are a few pictures I snapped up (NOTE: Please do not dribble on your laptop/phone/or tablet screen)....

Blake always goes on about these wraps and how good they are, if you love Halloumi make sure you try one! 

Yummy Bruschetta, I was very happy with my purchase. 

Prior to this visit we purchased some of these olives for a film night, super tasty! 

These were so tempting, I just didn't have a sweet tooth that day sadly :(

I'd definitely reccommend visiting this market sometime soon especially now that it's officially Spring! This is a great place to take the kids for a nice treat during the Easter break, and for all you foodies out there you'll be welcomed with a varied amount of fresh foods to suit the needs of all. 

Opening times: 

Friday 12 noon – 8pm
Saturday 11am – 8pm
Sunday 12 noon – 6pm
Monday 12 noon – 6pm (including bank holidays). 

Visit The Southbank's website here for specific dates. 

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Boux Avenue Summer Launch Party

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hello and a happy Easter to you all! 

So last week I attended the Boux Avenue Summer Launch party at the beautiful Haymarket hotel thanks to the lovelies over at Trace Publicity. I didn't get to take pictures of their beautiful collection unfortunately but did manage to snap some quick pics of the venue. 

From celebs, press and a select amount of bloggers, everyone seemed to be having a great night, I particularly loved the mini ice-creams and photo-booth fun with Charlotte, Bunmi and Bianca

My outfit was definitely perfect for this event! I put together my Fuschia White laced hem body con dress and paired with my Zara pointed strappy heels in 3 tone for a sexy but elegant look. 

Here are some of my favourite items from Boux Avenue, you can scroll through or click on the pictures to shop my faves! :) 

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