The Jessica Range Peruvian Hair 2 Month Review*

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 London, UK

Hello beauties! 

It's been a while since I've done a beauty post right? I know, I know - I've been saving this one for quite a while actually, you'll soon find out why. 

So if you remember just a few months ago my hair was a few shades of browns and blondes which I absolutely loved but found that those pesky roots were just a pain and couldn't bare to think that I'd need to keep applying dye to my hair every two months. I let my roots grow out for a few months (having coloured my hair for 2 years) and now have a bit of an ombre going on. 

After a few months of putting my hair in buns and continuing to grow the dye out, I decided that I wanted to go darker and was thrilled when I discovered The Jessica Range. I've worn extensions on and off for many years but never have I had the chance to try Peruvian hair (one of the best types of extensions around apparently). After weeks of speaking to friends about length recommendations, salons colouring etc I decided to go for the straight Peruvian in 4 bundles: 2 x 22 1x 18 and 1 x 12 and this is what I ended up with;

The hair naturally was a colour #2 but I soon got bored of the colour and decided to dye the ends with Loreal's ombre kit (initially I wanted a blonde but ended up with this copper like colour - still love it though). 

Overall in terms of quality, I give this hair 5/5 stars. It's silky, light, natural looking and no matter how many times you wash, colour or style - it still remains in tip-top condition. I'll be able to take this out, wash it and save it for another hair date. Great value for money!

In terms of hair care I usually condition the hair once a week and shampoo every two weeks (my own hair that is left out I often wash it on a weekly basis). There is no tangling or shedding which for me is a breath of fresh air as my remy hair in the past has not been the best of quality. 

I would 100% recommend The Jessica Range to those looking for luxury and longevity. You can browse the website here and receive a 10% discount using my code 'zeena10'.

* First picture was taken two months into having my hair weaved. 

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