My Evening With Jurlique at the Agua Spa (Sanderson Hotel)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 Sanderson Hotel, Fitzrovia, London W1T, UK

A few months ago I was invited to the Agua Spa to preview the Jurlique nutri-define range at the Sanderson Hotel. We were talked through the products and Biosome 5 ingredients which you can read more about here. As you probably know already, with these types of events you are more than likely to leave with something - be it; knowledge, a gift or even a cupcake haha! On this occasion, I was gifted some peppermint tea, Jurlique's Super Retexturising Facial Serum and a 50 minute facial at the Agua Spa using Jurlique products only. 

Oh boy... What an experience I had. 
Blogger & friend Alisha White and I headed to the first floor of the hotel in the most incredible lift ever (if you've ever been here before you'll know what I'm on about) we then checked in at the reception desk. The staff were very welcoming and quickly showed us around the spa as our treatments were to start shortly after our arrival. We were then taken into our changing rooms where you can find essentials such as; soaps, shower gel shampoo, conditioner (for the shower), hair dryers, robes, and slippers. 
Honestly, this photo does the changing room no justice - it was just so beautiful! 

After this, we were collected from our changing room and taken up to our private rooms by the therapists. For those that have not been here before, the spa is like no other. High ceilings, relaxing music and white furniture to compliment. I departed from Alisha and was taken to my private room, where I was briefly told about the products to be used during my facial.

I laid on my bed and the journey to heaven began. First the lovely lady cleansed my face from all the impurities using a hot cloth (which I have started to do at home myself) and then continued with my facial. FYI my neck, shoulders, arms, and hands were massaged as well as ex-foliating my lips with Jurlique's rose balm.  Once done, I met with Alisha and our therapists who kindly walked us back down to the main area where we found two comfy beds, with AMAZING bedding facing each other. Alisha and I had a nice little catch up and enjoyed our Jasmine tea provided (sorry I couldn't get a pic of the particular rooms we were in, truth is we didn't want to waste our time there and parts of the spa are quiet zones - yeah so just imagine how much noise my cam was making >.<).

After catching up we decided to head to the shower area and had a nice cleanse! At this time, it was around 8:30 pm so we were super relaxed and rejuvenated! Once we had dried and changed, we looked at each-other and then into the mirror, we were looking so fresh and feeling rejuvenated. 

Until the other day, I'd never had a facial professionally done before, however after this experience I'll definitely consider them in my skincare routine especially as the seasons change. 

If after this post you feel like you need a lovely treatment, you can browse the spa menu at this particular hotel here

As always, thanks for reading! 

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