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Saturday, 14 March 2015 London, UK

Hi guys. 

I wanted to let you in on a steal that I have discovered thanks to my mum! These Beautifully Scrumptious body butters are amazing and an inexpensive way of keeping your skin moisturised and smelling divine without breaking the bank. Unlike the butters from Body Shop, this version is great for those who do not like heavy creams on their skin, the consistency is in between thick and watery, so perfect for the upcoming warmer months.

The chocolate flavoured body butter has to be my favourite, moisturises well and has your skin smelling sweet well into the next morning. This continues to amazes
 me because the Body Shop body butter is around £13 and doesn't have the same effect - in my opinion.

Since using this on a daily basis (for a week and a half) I have noticed a major improvement in my skin.. it's really soft.. soft..soft. Honestly ladies, you know that feeling when you've just had a wax? Yeah that!

For some reason Kelis' Milkshake song comes to mind haha, on a serious note I love this cream and think it compliments my Victoria Secret body sprays well - also great for summer. 

I'm not really a fan of this one if I'm honest, I love vanilla but this one doesn't seem vanilla-ery enough if you know what I mean! But hey for £1? How can I complain?!

All of the above can be purchased from Poundland stores across the UK - let me know if you try any (I highly recommend the chocolate scent). 

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